Yogibo Bean Bag Is Pure Awesomeness For The Whole Family

Life is a daily challenge, having a child with sensory disorder, cerebral palsy, and bipolar disorder. A hubby with a brain injury and me with cancer. Life can be pretty stressful for all of us and we are always seeking a way to soothe our bodies and minds. One thing I’ve always loved is the use of bean bags, which provides constant sensory feedback for my son, comfort and support for myself and a relaxing place to drift off for hubby. Introducing Yogibo Bean Bag Awesomeness for the Whole Family! 

Yogibo’s are widely used as therapeutic tools by parents as well as therapists, due to their proven benefits. When Trace was little we introduced a bean bag chair to him but it wasn’t stylish or comfortable. Nothing, in fact, has come close to our Yogibo. 

Our Yogibo Back & Lumbar support pillow offers extreme comfort when we use it. I am always on the computer, usually lying in bed and my back, neck and legs hurt often doing this. With my Yogibo support, I no longer feel the pain. I have even fallen asleep in it with Trace snuggled with me. It’s highly effective and comes in a variety of styles and colors for only $89.00, it’s worth every penny in spades! 

Yogibo has a variety of different styles and types of bean bags. Everything from indoor bean bags to outdoor seats, gaming cushions to lap supports. They even have a double Yogibo couch or lounger, though I know if I bought one I would never see the light of day because I’d be too darn comfortable to move! 

Why Yogibo?

I’m so excited to annouce that Yogibo has opened a new store in Coquitlam Centre. It’s their first Canadian flagship store and you seriously have to check them out. You won’t be disappointed. As you can see they offer a ton of Yogibo, versatile furniture for everyone. Address: Coquitlam Centre, 2929 Barnet Highway, Coquitlam BC V3B 5R5

Three Reasons Why We Love Yogibo

 Affordability – Comfort – Machine Washable. 

Not many bean bag companies provide removable covers you can machine wash. Yogibo is the only bean bag company I’ve come across and I’ve tried several where the materials fit and mold to your body in a way that provides such extreme comfort. I use my Yogibo every day and I’m not kidding. Everyday! 

Our Favorite Yogibo’s 

Yogibo carries more than just bean bags. They carry indoor home decor, carpets, pillow cases, blankets, items for babies, outdoor play and so much more. Head to visit Yogibo.com today and make sure you give them a follow Yogibobags on Twitter and Facebook

All prices are US based not CDN please make note.

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  1. Kapper Amersfoort December 10, 2015 at 10:00 am

    I really love the bean bags. They look so comfy and nice. Very good to have these for the kids.


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