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X-Mini Kai Portable Wireless Speaker Review

Ever find yourself wanting more sound?  Like say when you are watching a movie on your laptop and the sound isn’t quite loud enough, or when you have music on your iPod and want to project it while cleaning your room (hint hint to my teenager). Look no further because the X-Mini Kai Portable Wireless Speaker is great!

X-Mini Kai Portable Wireless Speaker Packs loud noise with a big Punch.  Don’t believe me just watch this video on the X-Mini II Speakers chained together to shows you how fantastic these little speakers are from ThatSnazzyIPhoneGuy (Youtube)

So what’s different with the X-Mini Kai?

I have two of the X-Mini II Capsule Speakers and I love them. I also love that X-Mini didn’t change anything with the Kai, still the same amazing sound, same quality and control, except added features to it. Nothing was removed and the Kai gets my best vote.

The X-Mini Kai (stands for Key Audio Initiative) has the same impressive sound as you saw in the video above, except much clearer and the ability to connect to your devices via blue-tooth pairing, which makes taking and using the X-Mini with you on the go anywhere to enjoy your music, movies and sound.

Don’t believe me… Here are just a few reviews from and consumers who are using the Kai.

Excellent product from every angle. First time I’ve used an xmini so I was very impressed with sound quality from such a small device.

Wonderfully built super durable and portable. Connects with my iPhone very easily and it comes with a mic for hands free calling. It’s great for music as well. Has great base and sound that sometimes hard to believe that comes from a speaker that connects wirelessly!

I bought this for a lil speaker to bring by my pool. I am REALLY impressed. Small package but huge sound. I wish it was water proof. Had it on in my kitchen and we had to turn it down to talk.

My laptop is not very loud, especially for music. But I hate plugging things in. I also don’t want a speaker that is attached to my phone.  So after getting the Kai, I was so impressed with the quality of sound. It’s better than anything out on the market today, I think.

Some Key Features of the X-Mini Kai Wireless Portable Speaker


The X-Mini Kai can be found on and in stores or on the X-Mini webpage.  You can also learn more about X-Mini and their amazing products for your tech needs on their Facebook page.  The X-Mini Kai Wireless Speaker retails for $99 and is worth every single penny.  The battery charges for 8 hours but holds a 10 to 12 hour charge.

I love my X-Mini Kai and I’m so glad that now I have sound for all my portable needs. The X-Mini Kai and other X-Mini projects are great not just for watching movies but for making videos, conference calling, face-time or video chat and many other reasons.

Disclosure: I received special perks for sharing this information with my readers on this product. All opinions are 100% my own and come from my actual testing of the product itself to give a fair and honest review. Thanks for reading!

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