I’m Fun to Work With

by Jodi Shaw

I love working with brands that share the same inspiration I have to help make family life easier, more affordable and fun. Using today’s innovative products, along with sharing tips on parenting, recipes that save time, places to travel, and projects my readers can do themselves. I like to shop on a budget, and share hot buys when it comes to finding that special gift for the person we love.

Just Jodi Shaw is a complete lifestyle blog, sharing weekly content that offers a mix (a little bit of everything) everyone can relate to.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with over 500 brands worldwide, and I’m always seeking partnerships that offer lessons to learn, products knowing about, and tips we could all use by answering those every day questions.

A veteran writer with over 15 years experience and published author, my favorite way to work with brands is through sharing content that is evergreen to help solve a problem. I would love to work with you and tailor a campaign suitable to help your brand with promoting your projects, products or services, or tips that I know my readers will just love!

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