Viva La Juicy Glace’ Winter Scent

Viva La Juicy has always been one of my most favorite fragrances since day one. Why? Because first off, their bottle designs are incredible. Their scents are subtle and sweet, and their price is always right, giving you more bang for your buck. So when I heard Juicy was bringing out a new fragrance, I was skeptical if it could match my favorite in the collection Viva La Juicy Gold Couture? Let’s find out.

First off I have to say I absolutely love the bottle design. It’s pink. It’s pretty. It resembles frozen pink roses with the gold couture signage that makes Juicy iconic. Definitely, something a woman would want to showcase in her collection of sweet scents on her vanity.

Just like the dazzling Viva Girl who adds a touch of iridescence to everyday life, Viva la Juicy Glacé transforms the expected and heightens the senses

Experience the chill of her freshly frozen world with #VivaOnIce. The fragrance opens with a sparkling freshness, bursting with brilliant frozen mandarin and refreshing pear sorbet. Beneath a blanket of snow-white jasmine petals, scrumptious vanilla, and milky sandalwood create a comforting warmth to contrast the alluring frosted sensation. – Juicy Couture  

The very first thing I smelled when I opened the bottle was the Jasmine, Vanilla, and Pear notes that are mixed together perfectly providing a subtle yet sweet scent. It is very subtle and yet when I wore it, people everywhere kept saying how nice I smelled, even after six hours of having it on. It’s always nice being told you smell sweet and good enough to eat.

The Viva La Juicy Glace’ bottle is feminine and absolutely gorgeous. The glass on the bottle reflects to the light, causing it to shimmer and sparkle, almost like a pearl shining beneath the sun, making the bottle look icy and frosty

This has to be one of the strangest fragrances I’ve ever tried. Similar to the original Juicy due to the fact it has similar notes which include the Jasmine, Vanilla, Orange Blossom and Sandalwood, I say strange because as I walked around outside in the cold, and the fragrance dried, the fragrance changed.

When you first put it on you immediately gets hints of the pear sorbet and vanilla, but after it dries and the temperature changes you can immediately smell the orange blossom and vanilla.

Either way, I am in love with this fragrance and it is definitely something I will buy for friends and family, as I’m sure they will love it, too. I am a lucky girl for receiving this box set to review for you guys.

So overall, do I recommend Viva La Juicy Glace’ — absolutely! To me it’s one of Juicy’s best fragrances since their original and is a runner-up to my Gold Couture which is still my number one favorite, but only because Gold smells like caramel and vanilla and is so yummy to wear all day long. Juicy’s Glace’ however, is a very close second on my list.

Where To Buy:

You can pick up Viva La Juicy Glace’ at Sephora, The Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, and various other retailers. The 100ml bottle will run you around $150 bucks, while the 50ml bottle is around $89, but worth every single saving penny in your purse!

Have you tried Viva La Juicy Glace’ yet? What is your favorite Juicy Fragrance?