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As a kid you couldn’t walk around my house without hearing “Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds, Hey Jude, or Here Comes The Sun blasting on my father’s stereo or in the car back when eight track tapes were the “it” thing. The Beatles have always been a big musical influence in my life. So you can imagine how stoked I was when I heard Netflix started an Original series introducing Beat Bugs.

Amazing Singers


Families can now join together and enjoy some of the best music of our past generation, re-created by today’s top artists like Sia, Pink and Eddie Vedder, lending their incredible voices to bring the songs we grew up loving to life so our kids can connect and fall in love with the Beatles all over again. 

Great Music and Fun!


Beat Bugs takes you on a journey with (Jay, Kumi, Crick, Buzz and Walter) a group of adorable little bugs Austrailian/Canadian created. Both hubby and I have been enjoying not only the show but listening and watching to #StreamTeamers showing off their renditions of “All You Need Is Love” which just cracks us up!


Monkey’s Video

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Even monkey got in on the fun. Here’s his rendition of “All You Need is Love” by the Beat Bugs. We love watching the show and more than just for the music. You can follow other videos using hashtags #StreamTeam and #BeatBugs 


All You Need Is Love


We have a 3 month Netflix subscription to giveaway for you guys. That’s right, free Netflix. To enter just fill in the form below. Tons of BONUS chances to win. You can only win once. So if you’ve won on another blog sharing this giveaway please be honest about it. Good Luck Everyone! 

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We love Beat Bugs and hope you do to. Tons of bonus entries are up for grabs so make sure you share this post with your friends.

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