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Why you should be using HootSuite for social sharing

Asking a person what platform or program they use or social sharing is like asking someone… What’s in your wallet? Visa? Mastercard? Straight Debit? Or just cash? Using the right social sharing program is like shopping properly. If you don’t have the right card in your hand, your purchase might disappear!  And as a mom blogger I have some hot tips on why you should be using HootSuite for social sharing.


HootSuite is a powerful social sharing tool that does more than just connect you to Twitter


That’s right guys. HootSuite is more than just a Twitter Client. It is so much more. I will go through the break-down of why I use HootSuite and why I think it’s simply the best social sharing program on the market today.  Besides the fact that it’s FREE! there are so many things about HootSuite you might not know about.


Engaging on Twitter, Facbook, Google Plus and other social platforms the way you WANT!


HootSuite makes it simple and easy to add streams to your main dash. Not only can you add Twitter feeds, hashtags, other members you want to follow. You can add streams for Facebook, Google Plus and various other social networks to keep tabs all in one area while you surf and engage online.  Simply click ADD STREAM and the options are limitless!


HootSuite Adding Tabs


Think of tabs like tabs in your browser. Each one opens a new page to something you want to keep track of. So for instance in HootSuite I have a Twitter Tab where I keep track of DM, Tweets, CBN followers and hashtags of interest. Then I have a tab for Facebook where I can engage with my readers by adding a stream for Wall Posts, My Feed, Videos and more… Tabs are great way to keep your HootSuite dash organized and keep you in the loops with each social platform you wish to stay up to date on.

Report Building

HootSuite has an option to help you build reports on how you are engaging online. Some of the services are free like the Owly report for Google Analytics.  This shows how others are engaging with your posts and you online and is a great way to share your stats with businesses or anyone who wants to know more about your brand and what you can offer them.


Have up to 5 social networks you can connect with

That’s right! HootSuite allows free users to have up to five social networks on your dashboard. I have my Facebook fan page, Google Page, Personal Facebook page, Linkedin and Twitter.  This helps me stay up to date with the ones I use the most and keeps them all in one area so I’m not opening programs to keep up to speed with everything.


To upgrade is simple. If you want more social networks added – simply pay a fee of 9.99 per month and that’s it. That’s not bad when you consider how much time you put into blogging and your business to keep yourself social and connected with your audience.


Keep your contacts at hand when you need them

Another thing I love about HootSuite is using it to keep my contacts at hand. I can check out my Twitter followers from a group or from my followers, see their followers, who they are following and even their klout score. This goes for all your social networks. Having my contacts all in one place is super fantastic!  It’s also great for business.


Schedule your Tweets and Messages When you Want

Finally HootSuite makes it possible for you to schedule your posts and tweets when you want. Say you are going on vacation and don’t have the time to share all your posts with your audience. In HootSuite it’s pretty simple to bulk upload your posts and schedule them or add them so they can go out at the date and time you want them to. This way you never miss engaging online.

If you haven’t given HootSuite a try yet, go ahead and give it a whirl. Another great thing about this program is that it is not only accessible on your computer but there is an app for that!  HootSuite is available for the iPhone and for Android users to download and use as easy as on your desktop.

Note: HootSuite is a Vancouver based 100% Canadian company! So if you are Canadian give them some love and head on over to the FB page >>> tell them you heard about them from us (rantsnrascals).

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post nor was I given any products. This is a blogger tips post to showcase my favorite apps and programs I use to help aid others online. I hope you enjoyed reading! 

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