Using a Digital Meat Thermometer is Important When Cooking

One thing that is so vastly important when cooking anything for the holidays is making sure you cook at the right temperature. I am not a chef by any means.

So when it comes to cooking (for me) following the directions is important. It’s the only way I know when my food is ready. One of the hardest things to prepare is meat. You have to be so very careful so you don’t make others sick. That’s why using a Digital Meat Thermometer is important when cooking.

I picked up my digital meat thermometer for less than twenty dollars and let me tell you what an amazing investment it was for me. I know you may think you won’t use it but let me tell you — you will. It will become a handy tool in your kitchen that you grab more often than not.  

You want a digital meat thermometer that is accurate and precise with guaranteed performance, I’ve had mine for the past three years. It’s great for all-purpose cooking such as grilling, BBQ, smoking, turkey, prime rib and even plain hamburger. 

Things you want to look for when buying a Digital Thermometer

  • One that is fast in response time.
  • One with a smart sensor, jumping to the temperature in the proper range within 3 – 4 seconds.
  • Accuracy is important.
  • Long probe with a slender tip so you don’t burn your hands and avoid big punctures to keep the juice in the meat where it belongs. 
  • Stainless steel probe protected with a silicone cap preferably. 
  • Water resistant from both steam and water to prevent damage to the unit. 
  • Easy to clean with a cloth so you don’t have to submerge in water. 

I can’t tell you how many times cooking in the past that my meat wasn’t fully done. I had no way to check other than to keep cooking it until basically it was over done to be sure.

That’s why having a digital meat thermometer is so important. Most digital meat thermometers will even give you a guide as to the right temperature for the foods you love. Temperatures for beef, chicken, turkey, prime rib, roast are all different. 

With a digital meat thermometer, now I know when my meat is cooked to perfection. It helps me when cooking not only for my family but for others so I’m following the right guidelines as to not spread illness. And it helps my food taste better by keeping the juices and meat tender and delicious, instead of undercooked or burnt just to be safe. 

Do you use a thermometer when cooking meat?

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  1. lori butler November 19, 2015 at 9:29 pm

    this would be fantastic to ensure that meat is cooked properly/


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