Why Camp Manitou Summer Camp is Good For Kids

Sending your child to summer camp can be an emotional experience for both parent and child. Parents have a hard time letting their kids go, to be free to enjoy the things life has to offer. For kids the idea of camp is fun, but being away from home without mom and dad can be scary. So why is summer camp good for kids?

To Get Unplugged

We live in a world that is fast-moving and loud, and yes, I mean NOISE as in online noise. Kids today are so plugged into video games, online chatting, networking & social media. They forget the fundamental reasons behind building solid friendships. Summer camp allows kids to unplug, involve themselves & make life connections with others.

Challenges We Face

Kids of all ages have a fear of something. Whether it’s making new friends, climbing a rope, swimming or fishing. Summer camp helps kids face their fears by putting them center of attention. It’s amazing what kids can learn about themselves while at camp away from mom and dad. 

To Make New Friends

 Some of the best friends I had, growing up was made at summer camp. When you bunk with 5 to 7 kids you tend to share bits and pieces of yourself. You cultivate friendships in a way you can’t during the regular school year, I think because we are more open when we are camp to be ourselves.

Leadership Skills

Summer camp isn’t just about having fun and making friends. It also teaches kids to be strong by putting them in leadership roles with their peers. A great asset any kid would love to have under his belt. And more often than not, kids return to camp year after year finally becoming camp counselors themselves. A true to testament as to why summer camp is so good for kids.

Check out Camp Manitou in Ontario. Their video sums up what summer camp for kids is all about. You’ll see why it’s important.


This camp embodies what summer camp is all about. Resilience – Fun – Friendships – Tolerance – Respect – Patience.  All of these things are why summer camp is good for kids. It’s a true experience for kids to learn all these great motivations as they journey through life.

Our kids are going to summer camp. I want them to experience everything camp has to offer. To help grow and nurture, teach and guide them into becoming who they are. There is no better way to do that than to place them in an environment that not only challenges them to have fun, make friendships to last a lifetime, but that will also teach them to be strong and confident in themselves.

There is no better gift than that!

Are you sending your kids to camp? 


  1. Simon Brooks February 9, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    I really like how you put kids getting over their fears by learning about themselves away from mom and dad. When our daughter was young and went to camp for the first time she had been afraid of swimming, but some friends she made really helped her out and taught her how to at least doggy-paddle. I also definitely agree that bunking with other kids for a couple of days is a much faster way to make friends then seeing them for only a few hours at a time while at school.

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    1. Jodi P. Shaw - Site Author May 10, 2015 at 11:20 pm

      Sports camps are great but what about kids not into sports? That’s why all around camps are also good, provides a little of everything for kids to explore their adventure side, artistic side, leadership skills. But for kids into sports, then for sure yeah!

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