Why Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal Is The Best Summer Food

It’s summer which means my hunger goes down and I don’t really feel like eating anything, or I can’t decide what to eat. I crave fruit and salads more. Drink a helluva lot more water because I get the pasties quicker, and up my protein cooking on the barbecue on weekends.

But where I have an issue is the in between meals or snacks, and especially breakfast. I never know what to eat to up my energy level so I don’t feel like a fat frump wanting to lounge on the sofa all day.

Then I was sent a package of Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal to try out and man, now I know why hubby says oatmeal is the best summer food to give me that boost I need.

Not All Oatmeal Is The Same

I grew up eating oatmeal and honestly thought it tasted like bland snot in a bowl. I hated it with a passion. Yet, there was a part of me envious of people who enjoyed oatmeal on a cold winter morning, filling their belly with its rich goodness.

Most oatmeals are high in carbs and leave me feeling bloated so I look 8 months pregnant like a beached whale waiting for someone to harpoon them.

Then hubby introduced me to Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal, and I instantly fell in love.

Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal is rich in fiber, helps reduce sugars and body fat, and a great protein builder. Plus, there is so much you can do with oatmeal and why I consider it the best summertime energy food going.

Aside from the fact that you can make oatmeal plain to eat in the morning, there are a number of things you can add to it for extra yumminess. Things like fresh berries which here in the valley we have an abundance of, such as blueberries and raspberries.

Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal is gluten-free (a big big plus) for me. Not that I’m gluten intolerant but it just makes me as I said feel whale like after eating it.

It’s also made with the best grains to ensure the quality of taste, and I have to admit Rocket Foods flavors of Oatmeal are very tasty. My favorite Apple Berry Jazz is something you have to try.

What Kinds of Food Can You Create With Oatmeal?

Aside from just breakfast, and adding berries to your oatmeal. You can create many recipes that are delicious, wholesome and truly healthy for you that both you and your family will love.

You can add cranberry sauce, brown sugar, your own apples and fruit, milk and raisins. The possibilities are endless with Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal. Here are some of my favorite creations…

Aside from the fact that Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal is a Canadian company (WOOT WOOT!) which makes me happy. It is free of the top 10 most common food allergens and tastes the best with Greek Yogurt and strawberries, and it comes in three delicious flavors:  ‘Redberry Blues,’ ‘Granny’s Apple Pie,’ and ‘Apple Berry Jazz.’

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be daunting, or an over the top ordeal. Incorporating oatmeal into your diet will give you the energy you need so you can play in the sand and surf, walk that boardwalk and shop till you drop before the sun goes down.

Do you eat Oatmeal? What’s your favorite oatmeal recipe?

I partnered with Rocket Foods to bring you this post. I was sent some or all of the above-mentioned products. I tested it out and honestly fell in love with the oatmeal by the brand. It’s tasty, inexpensive and the boys love it. I see many winter days ahead with Rocket Foods Pure Oatmeal in our cupboard. Or not because they will most likely eat it all. Thanks for reading! ♥