Why Holiday Cards Are Important

We have all gotten one. We’ve all sent one. A holiday or greeting card for some type of occasion. Whether it’s for a birthday, retirement, loss or graduation. Greeting cards have always given us a way to express our emotions and connect with others on a deeper level. But are holiday cards still valid in this digital age?

I can’t wait to get holiday cards from friends and family to read and put on my wall, especially Christmas cards. There’s just something that ties into the spirit of tradition when I receive a beautiful card chosen by someone I love. Some have winter scenery on them. Some make me laugh and lift my mood. Others cause me to reflect on the new season ahead.

Either way, there is always something special about giving and receiving greetings to the people you care about. But why are holiday cards so important?

Nowadays with technology, you can send digital cards to just about anyone. However, digital cards have no personality. They don’t truly say what you are feeling or help you really connect to others when most of us are so desensitized to the world around us with our noses buried in our smartphones and tablets.

Sending a holiday card for some occasion you wish to be a part of or were invited to can help you re-join the world of the living. Connect to the others, in a way you can’t when sending and receiving online.

Imagine being invited to your company’s end of the year holiday office party. Would you send a digital card to your boss, thanking him for giving you the opportunity to work for him? A short email blast to your employees telling them how great they are?

How much more personal would it be for you to show up with a beautiful hand-picked office holiday card you actually chose yourself? How would it come across to others the time and effort you put into doing so?

Or how about creating a holiday card to send out to your staff labeled in foil with your company’s brand colors, thanking them for the great year you just had, with each of their names on it.

Now that would be something to remember.

One of the most popular types of greeting cards is custom photo holiday cards. You know the ones you send to grandma who lives over a thousand miles away, with a photo of the grandkids, so she can see how big they’ve grown. These cards are the best to send. They help us connect to our family through imagery which is far more important than anything digital you could create.

It’s no wonder 1.3 billion holiday cards are sent year-round.

One site that creates such amazingly captivating cards for all occasions is Basic Invite. They are one of the few websites that allow customers unlimited color options and instant previews online before purchasing.

I recently had a chance to play around at the site, picking and choosing different cards for special events, and I enjoyed how easy Basic Invite was to use. Here are just a few of the bonuses they offer.

  • 180 colors to choose from, more than any other stationery company.
  • Custom printed samples of actual invitations or cards before placing your final order
  • Top-notch quality and cardstock with over 40 different envelope options
  • Envelopes that are peel and seal for added security and closure.
  • Address capturing service offering customers the ability to store family and friends addresses to be used during the design process
  • Foil cards in gold, silver and rose gold

Here are just a few of Basic Invite’s samples I adore!

With so many reasons to send out holiday cards and so many options to choose from, making the experience all that more personalized, why wouldn’t you want to send something tangible to the people you love? Something that could be remembered and cherished for a lifetime.

For more information and how to choose your own holiday cards please visit Basic Invite on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Debbie White-Beattie December 19, 2019 at 7:08 pm

    My nephew and his family do Christmas cards and I think it’s a great idea


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