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Why Your Blog Needs A Facebook Page

One thing I get asked a lot while blogging and web designing is “How do you create a Facebook Page” for your business?  And why is it important?  The answer is simple really. Facebook is one of the leading online platforms for social development and networking. So why wouldn’t you want a page where you can connect your business with others?

Many people think they need to create a totally different account in order to set up a business page.  And while that seems right, it’s less work and effort if you simply connect your page to your Facebook account to make management of your page easier.  But how do you actually create a page?  Here’s a quick tutorial walk-through on just how you can create a page for your business.

There are many reasons Facebook can be important to your business or blog. Aside from the obvious which is a way for you to connect your business to others. There are other reasons having a Facebook Business page is important.

Get to Know your Audience!

It’s important when running a business or blog that you know your audience. Knowing your audience is your first step in connecting properly with them online. By properly, I mean learning what they like or don’t like. Knowing this can help you engage the right way, giving your readers or customers what they want, which will go a long way to helping your business grow in a positive direction.

Everyone Has One So You Should, Too!

This is that one time where yes if everyone jumps off the bridge, you should follow. Facebook is continuing to grow and will continue to grow. Just about every brand in the world has a business page on Facebook and with Facebook’s new search algorithm and insights, you can actually jump in and see how your readership is growing.


Feedback is important for any business and even blogs or websites. Feedback (whether good or bad) helps us grow and change and do what works. Facebook Business pages allow you to not only connect with readers, but get their feedback on your products on what is working or not.  You can fix or change something if you don’t know what that something is, and Facebook provides you the tools you need to help maintain that.

Promotion Draws People In

Aside from a blog on your website or company profile. Promotions on Facebook are simple and easy and can draw in the traffic you want to help increase your companies business or brand.  You can throw a Facebook events, Twitter party, Showcase a special product you have on sale or that great giveaway you wish to draw attention to.

No matter what you do, creating a Facebook business page is super easy and can help improve the performance, reach and customers you wish to draw upon. So what are you waiting for?  Start your page today and share it with the world.

Happy Blogging!

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