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Why Getting Family Involved With Movember Is Important #TeamThomas

Well, here we are nearing the end of Movember and I wanted to jump in one last time to explain why it’s not only important for men everywhere to take initiative during this great cause, but why getting family involved with Movember is Important.

My oldest son is 16 years old. He is my blessing in life. Adopted by me when I married my wife, he was only four years old when he came into my life. Looking at him now, I realize how important Movember is. Not just because it’s a worthy cause geared toward helping men’s health, bringing awareness to several cancers affecting men’s lives, along with the mental health and physical health aspects. But because one day my son is going to be a man.

He will grow up, my son and have children of his own. Kids he will be proud of like I am. He will want to be there for them, watch them as they learn and discover for themselves. So I want my son to realize this cause, this journey I took in joining #TeamThomas and the Movember movement is more than just about growing a mustache for a month.

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My son teases me about my fu-manchu stache I’ve grown this past month. Okay it’s not the greatest of mustaches but it’s also not the point. The point is living. The point is surviving. The point is understanding that by better educating ourselves, our sons, our father’s and father-in laws, brothers and friends — we can continue to battle, beat and rise above the diseases both mentally and physically that plague us. It’s about teaching the younger generation to learn from our mistakes so that they can live long and fruitful lives. 


I took this picture last week. This is my son today. See above his lip? What do you see? I see more than facial hair growing. I see the future. The fact that my son climbed aboard #TeamThomas with me to go on this journey at sixteen years old, tells me that future generations are not lost.

Movember goes beyond a month of growing hair on your lip. It goes beyond donations, programs and all those who come together for a short time to make a difference. It goes beyond sharing posts with family and friends to get the words out. It lasts a lifetime!


#TeamThomas the team I am on has raised over $11,000 dollars towards Movember. I’d like to see us reach $20,000 before the end of the month. So I’m asking all my friends, family, readers here at our site to please share, post, link but more than that — talk about it. Because it’s never too late to make a difference. If not for you then for someone you love. I know that’s why I joined. 


Note: All contributors and those who donate can win some pretty cool prizes for donating. You have to check it out and see what’s up for grabs. You won’t believe it!  This includes a special Team Thomas Toy for one of your kids. So click the link to find out more and donate today!


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