The Best Time To Take Your Christmas Tree Down

Christmas Day has come and gone and the presents have been unwrapped. You look around and see a bare but beautiful tree strung with lights and figure maybe now is the time. But wait! Before you pack away those ornaments and put your tree back in its box. You should know there are certain traditions surrounding just when exactly your tree should come down.

Some people take their tree down the day after all the festivities have been enjoyed so they can jump back into the “real world” while others like myself have a specific date surrounding the art of putting my tree away. Some people rely on tradition to help them decide while others are tad superstitious concerning the just when timeline of removing your Christmas tree. 

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December 31 is a popular day for many to take their Christmas trees down. Lost of people want to start the New Year off on the right foot, so before the ball drops and midnight hits. Their living room is bare of festive Christmas ornaments and decorations. Others say they do it on this day to remove the junk from the previous year and not take it with them into the next. 

January 1st is another day many take their tree down. This is the day I usually do it because I feel it’s bad luck to remove the tree before the 1st of the year. To me my Christmas tree is a reflection of the year’s events and on the 1st day of the New Year I pack away the past year and begin anew. 

January 6th in celebration of Epiphany, a Christian holiday that marks Jesus in human form is a day others take their tree. Though many believe leaving your tree up later than this also results in bad luck.

Some people leave their trees up till Feb and some try to pass their tree off for an Easter decoration. No matter when you decide to take your tree, the choices are not limited to just the Christmas holiday. So if you feel like leaving your tree up all year long — you can.

When do you take down your Christmas Tree and Why?


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  1. Carole Dube December 27, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    I always take my three down on January 1st. I’m not sure why, but that’s what I always done!


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