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Netflix October 2017 Highlights

It’s the season of pumpkins and witches, which means a yearning for some ghoulish movies, and some fan awaited television shows. Here’s what Netflix has in store for the month of October 2017.

Stranger Things – Season 2

It’s been nearly a year since Will’s strange disappearance and his dramatic return to Hawkins. But life’s
hardly back to normal. Not even close.

The Walking Dead – Season 7

With the start of Season 8 this October, don’t miss the last episode. Catch up on everything that has been going on with Rick and his group as they not only have to battle walkers but each other.

Riverdale – Season 2

Archie and the gang are back again, and this season is going to be explosive. If Jason Blossom’s murder revealed the slimy underbelly beneath Riverdale’s surface, as we enter season two, the shooting of Fred Andrews threatens to plunge the entire town into utter darkness.

Dynasty – Netflix Original

It’s lifestyles of the rich, famous and evil in Aaron Spelling’s classic 1980s primetime soap opera. In
Season 1, oil baron Blake Carrington marries Krystle, and his daughter, Fallon, weds Jeff Colby to save
the business from ruin.

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Out of town on a business trip, a workaholic man struggles to return to whatever is left of his crumbling home and marriage after an alien invasion.

Boys in the Trees

On Halloween 1997, two estranged teen skaters embark on a surreal journey through their memories, dreams and fears.

Ghost Patrol

Two kids and their pet dog (aka the Ghost Patrol) get a call about an old manor and soon find they are investigating their first real haunted house.


A teen is glum about moving to a small town until he falls for his new neighbor. But her dad is a horror writer whose scary world soon turns real.

Kingdom Of Us – Netflix Original

Seven siblings sift through home videos and diaries to piece together clues to their father’s traumatic death in this poignant documentary

Friday the 13th: Part 4: The Final Chapter

Hockey-masked psychopath Jason is back in business at Camp Crystal Lake in the fourth (but far from final) chapter of the popular horror franchise.

Friday the 13th: Part 5: A New Beginning

Still haunted by his past, Tommy Jarvis – who, as a child, killed Jason Voorhees – wonders if the serial killer is connected to a series of brutal murders occurring in and around the secluded halfway house where he now lives.

MINDHUNTER – Season 1 – Netflix Original

An agent in the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit develops profiling techniques as he pursues notorious serial killers and rapists.

Super Monsters – Season 1 – Netflix Original

Six preschool kids whose parents are the world’s most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten.

Supernatural – Season 12

Siblings Dean and Sam crisscross the country, investigating paranormal activity and picking fights with demons, ghosts and monsters.

The Babysitter – Netflix Film

Cole stays up past his bedtime, he discovers that his hot babysitter is part of a satanic cult — and they’ll stop at nothing to keep him quiet.


A video store clerk agrees to have his life filmed by a camera crew for a television show

Friday the 13th: Part 6: Jason Lives 

When Tommy — who killed Jason as a child — digs up the psychopath to make sure he’s dead, he finds a well-rested Jason ready to spill blood again.

Friday the 13th: Part 7: The New Blood 

Jason is released from his watery grave at the bottom of Crystal Lake by a telekinetic teen who returned to the site where her dad supposedly drowned.



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