What to look for when selecting Winter boots for Kids

Buying winter boots for kids might seem easy but there are few things you need to consider before shopping. I’m still wearing flip-flops and both my boys are still in their tennis shoes. So now it’s time to shop and I’m going to share what to look for when selecting winter boots for kids. 

When choosing winter boots for kids you should always choose based on the elements where you live or where you will be traveling during the season. Some climates are more rainy like where I am in BC. Some get more snow. Snow doesn’t always mean cold. Some places are freezing. The most important thing is to choose the right boots to keep your kids feet dry, warm and snuggly so they don’t catch cold.

The Shoe Company says Canadian buy their winter boots 48 hours before the first snowfall. I can believe it, and waiting that long to get the best pair of winter boots lessens your selection for your needs. So what should you look for?

For Babies: Booties that will keep their feet warm and dry and fit over their snow suits are ideal. Slip soles for those walking to protect from falls. Don’t forget to look for something adorable, too!

For Toddlers: Warm feet, warm feet, warm feet. There’s nothing worse than a cranky toddler with wet toes. So look for a boot that not only keeps kids feet warm but isn’t too restricting. Toddlers hate wearing shoes but want to be kept warm. Find a balance between boots that feel good but also protect from the elements outside.

Rainy Weather: You want a boot that has synthetic materials, waterproof. You should extra waterproof just for protection. Boots that can do puddles in one big giant jump, colorful and comfortable and something on the little extra larger size so extra socks can be worn. 

Snowy Days: Boots with a rugged sole are best to allow grip on the ice and snow. No slippery soles please! Something with a removable liner so that boots can dry more easily and geared for the colder weather at least -30 below or more. Thermal lining is also a bonus. 


Our Number One Pick

Boys will stay warm with these Arctic Tracks (The Shoe Company $17.99) lightweight these BVC boots are waterproof making them perfect for any outdoor activity, even in damp weather conditions. With a cold rating of -30 °C the Arctic Tracks host a zip closure, logo on the sides and great comfort. I’m going to pick up a pair for Trace before the snow hits (wink wink) so his feet stay warm and dry and he can frolic and have fun outside without any worries.



  1. Kelly @ City Mom December 3, 2015 at 10:12 am

    This is a great guide Jodi! Thanks for sharing. We used to by cheaper boots to fit the budget but we found they never lasted or didn’t fulfill the needs we had here in Ontario for cold, wet winters!

    1. Jodi - Site Author December 3, 2015 at 10:44 am

      Thanks Kelly, and man yeah you guys really have to pick and choose carefully especially with all the cold white powder you get. Let’s hope you don’t get dumped on this year!

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