What To Do With Those Digital Photographs You Just Can’t Bare To Throw Out

Have you ever gone through your photo albums and thought – my gosh what am I going to do with all pictures? I have hundreds of photographs online, and even more in albums. Yeah remembers the one you can pick up and look at? Those ones. So I got to thinking how can you revive old photographs, you know the ones you just can’t bare to throw out? 


tumblr_lnmqofc8iq1qdjg6co1_500There are so many ways to scrapbook right now. From photograph 360 to Smilebox, you can turn your photos into online journals, with embellishments, stickers and create a new world in which to share those old photos with friends and family.  

Painting Your Picture

b2_When I saw this idea, I thought how cool is this. Taking your photographs and turning them into natural looking paintings you can showcase in your home. This is a great idea for births, weddings, celebrations you want to remember. There are tons of sites that do this transformation, and the cost isn’t nearly as expensive as you think. 


Create A Website

A pretty happy African American woman using a laptop on the floor

I have like a zillion downloads on my computer of old photographs just laying there in the cloud collecting dust. I saw this girl and she decided to start a photography website. using all her own personal photographs. She put them into categories: Family, Kids, People, Animals, Landscapes and so forth. What’s great is now she has a place forever online (yes you can use a free website builder like Blogger.com) to share with her family and friends. 

DIY Photo Gifts

snow-globe-ornament-2I love using photographs to makes gifts. Things like Christmas ornaments for Grandma, hanging photo frames for that favorite aunty, fridge magnets or coasters. The results are stunning gifts you can give to the ones you love to cherish and keep forever. 

Blow Them Up

downloadWith places like Costco, Walmart, London Drugs and Shutterfly. Now you can take your photographs and blow them up poster size. This greats for black and white landscape shots. I think it adds a certain appeal and flare to showcase your favorite vacation spots on your wall. 

Instagram Them

posting-to-your-wall-5-tips-for-turning-social-media-pics-intoWith the ever popular rising of Instagram now you can practically do anything using your saved photos. Create your own Instagram walls swapping out your favorite set of photographs, even add your own hashtags to them. This is a great way to showcase your photos to share with those you love. 

What tips or ideas do you have for sharing your digital photos? Let us know below in the comments. We’d love to hear about them. 

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