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How To Write An Evergreen Post and Help Boost Your SEO

If you are a blogger you may have heard the phrase “evergreen content or evergreen post” once or twice.  But do you know what it really is?  And do you know why you should be producing this type of content on your site?  It’s pretty basic, and today I’m going to share with you my own tips, definitions and how to take sponsored content and turn it into an evergreen post to help make your blog better.

By Definition, an Evergreen post is a post that stays fresh and relevant for your readers. It’s a post that remains searchable online not just for a week or even two weeks, but long-term, which helps to improve your SEO and brings your readers back for more. It’s a post that is long-lasting and remains high in your archives to be referenced upon.

What an evergreen post is NOT is a post that will be outdated, new articles that will quickly fade, reviews on a product that will cease to exist, seasonal posts (unless topic changes) any news or stories regarding deaths of a pop star, olympic coverage that people will long forget once the games are over, fashion trends and so on.  That doesn’t mean you can’t write about these topics. With a little tweaking here and there, you can and you can keep your readers coming back again and again.

So imagine a contact has approached you and asked you to review a product. Instead of doing a straight review, think long-term and how you can incorporate the product into your post.

EXAMPLE: A rep asked me to write sponsored content for Montreal housing.  I don’t live in Montreal, and I could have written a post about all the house listing current within the city. Instead I turned the post into an evergreen.  Here is an example: Shopping For a New Home What To Look For

As you can see from the google screen shot when someone types in the search “Shopping for a new home” my post is ranked at the top.  This post will not become obsolete as the future changes.  The tips in this article will always be relevant.  And if the link becomes obsolete, simply remove it or swap it out with something relevant. But the post remains the same.  Pushing out higher SEO and building your site the way you want, with great content your readers will find engaging.

Evergreen Post Types

  • How-To Videos
  • Lists
  • Tips on a Topic
  • Videos on any topic

I was online looking for a way to do a updo on short hair and came across a video (How-To) that had been posted over two years earlier. That’s evergreen!  The post was done a long time ago, but the information remains relevant and up to date. You don’t always have to use videos though. Just make sure the content is fresh, provides a unique perspective with tips that will stay relevant for years to come.

Sometimes you can have a popular post (something searchable) that gives you hits. That doesn’t make the post evergreen. I wrote a post about plugged ears from a sinus infection years ago that has 25 comments on it, and still ranks high in Google’s search. The topic is just popular not the post itself. I still comments on it.

Some Examples of Evergreen Posts I’ve Written

  • 5 Tips for Buying A Used Vehicle
  • How to fight summer allergies
  • 6 Summer Skin Care Tips
  • Top 10 Family Friendly Halloween Movies
  • Article Ideas That Keep Coming Back Evergreen Style

There are topics you can write about that never go out of style. Topics that range from cooking to parenting. You can take these topics and create perfect evergreen posts that are relevant and will stay in season for years to come.

  • Parenting
  • Finances
  • Food/Cooking
  • Love and Marriage
  • Jobs
  • Pets

As a blogger you want to keep your evergreen posts relevant to your niche. In other words you don’t want to write about selling cars if you run a beauty blog. However you can write about beauty tips, skin care tips, how to videos on daily make-up routines and so on and so forth.

No matter how you choose to write an evergreen post. Keep it simple.  Keep it fresh and exciting. Look for keywords that are searchable, but don’t use too many. Look up your topics and see how you can create a new angle on the subject. And above all remember you are writing for you, nobody else. Don’t come off as an expert, most people just want plain straight forward information. So give it to them!

Happy Blogging!

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