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What Do You Think of Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons?

A few days ago I was trolling Facebook and hovered over the like button to show my appreciation for something I found interesting and LO and BEHOLD I saw a set of emoji faces I could now choose from.


No longer do I have to like something. I can Love it which is cool. Get angry at it when I’m moody. Show my Wow face which I only reserve for my husband. Cry about it if I feel sad.  Or Laugh my ass off at without typing LOL. And I was wondering What do you guys think of Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons?

So why the change?

Well, it’s no secret that Facebook users have been bugging Marky Marky (Zuckerberg) to get off his hiney and give us users more options when reading posts. I mean who wants to like a death in the family? Or like it when someone loses their job? And yet for years, that little thumbs up is all we had to convey our emotions other writing them down to show our support for a post or someone we are connecting with. 

So Why No Dislike Button?


Zuckerberg made it clear there would be no thumbs down button because he felt he didn’t want users going around and just disliking everything that bugs them. So it’s better to get angry at it? I can actually see his point. In having more options you actually stop to think for a moment how you feel about what you’re reading. 

Facebook calls these new buttons REACTIONS which is what they are in earnest. Many users on mobile will have to long-press on the like button to engage them, but everyone will be able to use them, and apparently the emoji’s have different sayings above them depending on what you’re language is. That’s Interesting.

You can read about their concept and how they came into development on the Verge. Apparently FB took one word responses like Yah, Wow, Haha, Sad and used them as a roadmap for development.

Final Thoughts


I know many people aren’t going to be ready to adopt these New Reaction buttons. The Internet and Social Networking is forever changing. And I’m not sure how these new buttons are going to affect Facebook’s Algorithms, especially for businesses and pages. The more likes you have the better for your posts, but now with love and wow and anger in the mix, not quite sure how FB plans on adding those up.

What I do know is that this was needed. I personally was tired of liking things like Animal cruelty,  Someone who passed away close to me, and I did find myself constantly searching for a love button for the stuff I truly wanted to give heart to. 

In the end, I think these new Reaction buttons will allow people to express what they feel without hitting a thumbs up for everything, but only time will tell on what everyone thinks about sharing their emotions online.

What Do You Think of Facebook’s New Reaction Buttons?


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