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Lemony Snicket Comes To Netflix In A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Dear Netflix Member, 

For years now, Netflix has been the bright light in the world of television and movies, helping to usher in a golden age of top-quality boundary-breaking programming. Now this light has been extinguished. A Series of Unfortunate Events, an adaption of my dreadful books, containing so much misery and suffering that viewers have found themselves weeping, moaning and writing critical reviews for high-profile publications is being streamed right now on Netflix. 

Upon logging into your account on Netflix, you will find all the episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events, along with death, blackmail, store-bought cupcakes, mysterious fires, a notorious snake, a fiendish trap and pre-printed business cards. Netflix has never been sorrier for their participation in a show, and when you consider their long list of entertainments brought to you, you will realize how very sorry indeed.  

With all due respect,

I couldn’t wait to watch this. It’s insanely funny, dark and ghoulish, amazingly acted and even impish at times. Netflix Original Series of Unfortunate Events brings to life characters that will keep you engaged, and laughing all the way through each episode. 

The show stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf of course, an amazing actor who is absolutely superb in this role. He’s even better than Jim Carry, I think from the movie adaption of the books. Alongside Harris joins an all-star cast with Joan Cusack, Alfre Woodward, Catherine O-Hara, Don Johnson, Aasif Mandvi, Malina Weissman and Louis Hynes. 

So Who is Lemony Snicket and What is the Series of Unfortunate Events that Take Place?

Lemony Snickets is the pen name of American novelist Daniel Handler, known for his works A Series of Unfortunate Events, books based on the Baudelaire children. 

When a mysterious fire kills their parents and leaves them orphans, The Baudelaire children are placed into the care of their distant relative, a mean and vicious man named Count Olaf, an actor who is determined to claim the family fortune for himself at any cost. The Baudelaire children are on to Count Olaf’s sneaky ways, and his mischevious plans, and set out to elude him while trying to uncover the mystery behind the secret society from their parents’ past. 

What I love the most about A Series of Unfortunate Events is it tells you right away to “stop watching it” which is a great way to reel kids in, by giving them something that maybe they shouldn’t have.  

Neil Patrick Harris is incredible and I love how his character throughout the show changes. I also love that the show follows the series of books closely, and does something the movie failed to do, which is to set a tone for the books that Jim Carry just couldn’t pull off without making kids feel as though the story is a little kids version of Goosebumps instead of what it is — creepy, sometimes scary and downright unfortunate for the sad orphans being tossed from caregiver to caregiver. 

One of the best things I think that Netflix has done in bringing these amazing books to life on screen is having Lemony Snicket portrayed as a real person instead of a voice-over narrator as seen in the movie or tone set for the series of novels.

Patrick Warburton does an incredible job with his soothing voice, telling you to watch anything else but this, to listen to any other story but this one, drawing audiences in with his narration of the children’s plight and how Olaf will do anything to extract his wrath upon them in order to reap the rewards. 

Already scheduled for season 2. You can watch the first 8 episodes of season one on Netflix right now. I think you’ll like it. My kids love it, the characters, storytelling and dark humor mixed together is just fun entertainment for the entire family. 

Weight in now and tell us if you’ve watched A Series of Unfortunate Events and What y;ou think about it? We wanna know. 

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