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Proper Ways To Quit Smoking Using An Electronic Cigarette


ways to quit smokingIt’s one of the hottest topics on the Internet, searched by millions. Ways to quit smoking, using ECigs and Electronic Cigarettes, like NICOmate are extremely helpful in aiding smokers to kick the habit, and are becoming a trend that even doctors recommend.

I’m a smoker girl. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been smoking since I was 13 years old. Yes it’s bad. Yes I have kids. Yes they don’t deserve to have second hand smoke blown anywhere near them. Yes, smoking is harmful to the body and a major cause of Cancer.  Yet knowing all these things, why is it so darn hard to quit?

Smoking is Addictive

According to the Lung Association of Canada, a smokers’ body and brain gets used to all the additives and chemicals that are put into tobacco smoke.  Once your addicted, having these additives in your body just feels “normal”, and going without it feels extremly bad.  You can feel irritable, uncomfortable, depressed and suffer from a variety of other withdrawl symptoms. And that is what makes it hard to quit smoking.

Ways to quit smoking: ECigs and Electronic Cigarettes — Do they work?

When I first heard of ECigs, I have to admit I was sketptical. I mean I smoke something that has nicotine in it, so the idea of replacing the nicotine which is something my body and brain crave, with something more natural and better for me.  It Just didn’t seem like it would work at all.  But since trying out NICOmate, I have to admit it does work.  I haven’t quit smoking completely yet, but I cut down from a pack if not more a day (I know ewwwww right) to abour 10 cigarettes per day, and I’m still continuing to use it.

Electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes) by NICOmate give the persecuted smoker an alternative to harsh tar, harmful carcinogens, and deadly carbon monoxide found in tobacco smoke. As the world cracks down on public smoking through smoking bans, NICOmate is the only way to enjoy a smooth smoking sensation with controlled amounts of nicotine vapor. No more bad breath, smelly clothes, or standing outside in the cold to smoke.  NICOmate electronic cigarettes are easy to use and are smokable almost anywhere! – NICOmate Website Testimonial

Other Things to help you quit smoking

Aside from using an ECig like NICOmate to help you quit smoking. There are other things you can do to butt out the habit and making smoking a thing of the past.

Change up your routine. It’s a known fact, our brains are trained by routines. So changing up how you start your day can be a huge jump forward. So for example if you normally get up and have a cigarette, don’t. Instead jump in the shower, make a coffee and do other things to retrain your brain.

Stay away from others who smoke.  Unless you have your NICOmate ECig with you, stay away from crowds. Smoking is a social things, so being around others who smoke, can make it difficult when you are trying to quit.

Substitue your cigarette with something else. A friend of mine use to chew pen caps, another straws, and another chewed gum instead of reaching for a smoke.  Sure you may be replacing one habit for another, but it’s a habit that won’t kill you!

No matter what – if you are trying to quit smoking, give NICOmate ECig’s a try. It’s a heck of a lot better than putting all those harsh chemicals in your body, which as smokers we know aren’t good for us.

Good Luck!

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