V-Tech Kidizoom Smartwatch


Teaching kids to tell time isn’t always easy.  My son Trace is 8 years old and sure he can tell the time reading a digital watch or clock, but how about teaching analogue time?  The creators at VTech have successfully harnessed the power of technology to bring kids a fun, interactive, safe and educational way to tell time.  Introducing the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch.

My son was super excited the moment he opened the box to pull out his big, bright blue watch.  The on/off switch is on the bottom of the watch.  There are two side buttons.  The one on the left is the home button, which takes you to the main menu.  The one on the right is the camera button.  That’s right this handy dandy little watch lets kids take pictures and video of their very own, directly from the watch itself.  It’s super cool!  

Check out my son’s video review on this super nifty watch for kids from VTech!

The VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch comes loaded with a ton of features.  

I have to say this watch is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Trace is easily swiping the screen, moving from mode to mode. He loves taking pictures and videos with this watch, making it fun to take outside with his friends.  And the best part is the hoot owl that teaches him to tell time, something every kid should know how to do.  Another great feature is the alarm setting, allowing him to become independent in waking himself up when he needs. 

Trace’s Favorite Feature is the Voice Recording

Kids can change their voice while they record giving them different sounds to play with.  It’s pretty funny to watch and listen as they explore with the sound of their own voices. 

The VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch retails for $59.99 and is available at all major retailers, such as Toys R US, Walmart, Superstore and various other stores. It’s PC compatible and has a rechargeable battery.  You upload your videos and edit them at the Learning Lodge and kids are sure to love this!   We give the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch two very big thumbs up!

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