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Little Girls Will Flip for Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser From V-Tech Toys

by Jodi Shaw

V-Tech is empowering girls with growing toys that teach to dream big! I love this as a mom. I have all boys, but several nieces and when it comes to finding them toys that are not only interactive but display hopeful messages of being yourself and going for your dreams. Flipsies from V-Tech tops our charts!

Flipsies are like transformers for girls. Each playset comes with a Flipsie character and turns into something else to allow creativity and imaginations soar, taking girls from their everyday life to their dream life. No dream is too big for a Flipsie!

One of the largest playsets in the Flipsies collection is Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser. V-Tech sent us the toy for review. Note: upon opening there are tons of parts to this playset. Using some ziploc bags to keep everything together might be wise.

Sandy wants to be a Marine Biologist. I love that girls have an opportunity to change Sandy’s clothes and hair, depending on which character Sandy wants to be. It allows room for change and grow, have fun and imagine in ways toys didn’t do when I was a girl growing up. 


Each Flipsie has her own unique dream and personality that comes to life through each playset. The toys are interchangeable which I love. Sandy’s playset transforms from a house to an ocean cruiser so that she can live her everyday life while exploring her dreams to be out on the ocean. There are 8 magic point location that trigger phrases throughout the toy and light-up charm button flashes with sound.

21 accessories are included with this set, including wigs, clothes, a dolphin Sandy can ride and more. (Like I said ziploc. Each Flipsie playset interacts with another as do the characters. So girls can bring their playsets to each other’s houses and let their dreams begin!

Sandy’s House & Ocean Cruiser includes a pool, living room, kitchen, deck for her to relax, bathroom and more. The seating area is one of the magic points. Put two Flipsie characters together and they will have a conversation using wonderful V-Tech’s amazing technology to help children play interactively. Flipsies are suitable for ages 4 to 9 years old. The toy retails for around $40.00.

Our Final Thoughts:

We love this toy, especially for girls because of the way it allows girls to feel stronger, be who they are and doesn’t stop them from dreaming big. Flipsies aren’t perfect images as well which is something I find appealing. They are cute, fun and loveable. I think I see a cartoon on Netflix in V-Tech’s future maybe? All in all I think girls will love Flipsies!

Please visit V-Tech to learn more about Flipsies and other interactive toys for kids that promote learning, growing and having fun! http://www.vtechkids.ca


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