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Vcita Contact Form Is A Helpful Tool For Bloggers

When it comes to blogging there are a few key things every blogger needs to have on their blog. The first is an about page. The second is a contact form. There are so many great contact forms out there but the one I want to share today comes from Vcita and why I find it a helpful tool for bloggers and businesses.

A good contact form is a must for any business or blogger. A contact form is a helpful tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers and bloggers their readers. WordPress has a native contact form built in using Jetpack. Plus there are an array of plugins to help do the trick but none of them offer what Vcita NextGen Contact Form does.

Download the plugin NextGen Contact Form by VCita  here.

When looking for a contact form there are a few key things you need to keep in mind. One is that the form should be easy to use and one that is capable of being customized the way you want for your website. Vcita has so many options for you to choose from and it sends directly to your inbox so that you will never miss an important connection.

An Online Contact Form Is Important

There are so many tools that bloggers use to improve their online engagement. Powerful pop-up tools that rest at the bottom of your page to help catch your readers before they leave. Not to mention a way for your readers to connect with you 24-hours a day. Vcita covers all of these options and more using their Engagement Widget

The Vcita Engagement Widget is easy to install and you can customize it to match your website or blog. each form allows your readers to schedule an online meeting with you set to your own hours, or they can simply leave a message which you will receive in your inbox cutting down on reply time.

A Contact Form Should Be Easy To Manage

Vcita makes managing your contact form so easy (no coding needed) as you just simply input your information with options to change colors, size of the widget and what message you wish to convey to your readers. That’s it! You can also manage the widget directly from your dashboard, check messages and re-schedule your events.

Bloggers and websites owners are going to love this powerful tool to help you engage with your clients, schedule your meetings, charge money for online consultations, set up your forms the way you want, connect with your readers and keep track of how you are engaging online.  It’s a tool I cannot live without …

Check out VCita Contact Forms today! You won’t be disappointed. VCita doesn’t just make contact forms easy, they help you set up your contact page with short-codes and easy to use widgets for your website that you control!

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