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What An Amazing Farewell: Vancouver Says Goodbye To Daniel & Henrik Sedin!

It was like something out of a movie script. Magical from the moment they stepped out on to the ice last night, as the mighty twins bid farewell to Vancouver, a city close to their hearts after 17 career playing years. Vancouver says goodbye to Daniel and Henrik Sedin providing what can only be described as a fairytale send-off.

What can I say about the Sedins that hasn’t already been said? Two of the classiest NHL players to ever skate across the frozen arena, bringing nothing but glory to a city weeping for a Stanley Cup. And we almost got one thanks to the twins. Drafted in 1997 2nd and 3rd overall by Brian Burke, who had to make some pretty masterful moves to bring the twins (together) to Vancouver which nearly cost him his job. Daniel and Henrik Sedin hit the ice October of 2000 and never looked back.

Tribute to the Sedin Twins: Thank You!

33 Seconds into the game and Henrik hits the post. The crowd goes wild and stays wild during the entire game. Often heard chanting “Go Sedins Go!” each time they stepped onto the ice.

Daniel #22 left wing. Henrik #33 Centre. The lights outside Rogers Arena glowing Swedish blue and yellow, and throughout the town signs in windows and doors THANK YOU SEDINS.

It was like saying goodbye to old friends you were never going to see again, but who had filled your heart for so many years, leaving lasting memories behind them.

Their father a Vice Principal and mother a Nurse, along with their two brothers, wives and children sat in the stands to cheer on the Sedin Twins, along with 20,000 Canuck fans screaming their name and thanking them for 17 years of amazing hockey in a standing room only invitation all dressed in blue.

“When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to be a big day,” said Henrik Sedin, the older brother by six minutes.

The Sedins have done so much for our community, helping Children’s Hospital, even donating over one million dollars of their own money to help aid sick kids. They gave their time and heart, always humble, and always with a good sense of humor. Remember this…



A Final Game Fit For Swedish Kings!



You could feel it coming. The anticipation. The biggest wish on earth. The Canuck fans cheering harder than they ever have before. Then it happened. Daniel to Henrik. Henrik to Daniel. We watched the magic these two have created over a lifetime of hockey achievements. Henrik back to Daniel at the point, he shoots and he scores!

You couldn’t ask for a better ending. Henrik scores the first goal in the second period 33 seconds in. His number. Daniel scores the OT winner at 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Fate was definitely smiling from above.

The 50/50 draw the highest in Canuck history at $1,014,555 some lucky fan walking away with $507,000 bucks in his pocket and memories to last a lifetime. It was just that kind of night.

“Relief. I was happy. You couldn’t dream of a better ending in this building, the last time we stepped on this ice. It was an emotional week.” says captain and franchise leader in points Henrik Sedin.

Art Ross Trophy, Hart Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award and a slew of All-Star appearances, the Sedins did it all with a combined more than a 100 points this season. But Daniel sums it up perfectly.

“We’re still healthy, and we’re leaving the game happy, so there are no regrets on our end.” Wanting to spend time with their children and family. Vancouver their home.

Watch the recap of the game from The Province. It’s fun! 


Fans Say Farewell







What more is there is to say? #ThankYouSedins

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