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How Consumers Can Use the Power of Social Media

Have you ever had a problem as a consumer?  Tired of waiting on the phone for hours, just to talk to someone from customer service who can’t help you?  Well as social media continues to grow, so do our options in engaging with the brands and products we most love.

The other night hubs and I went down to Wendy’s here in the Valley. It was hot out and so we thought we’d treat the boys to a frosty to help cool things down.  Hubs was also hungry and so he ordered himself some food. After our order we were told to pull up and wait and they’d run our order out to us, which we had no problem doing.

After twenty minutes went by, hubs looked at me. It was taking a long time for our order to come, which is not the norm and suddenly the term “fast food” wasn’t so fast.  But we continued to wait. Another ten minutes went by, then another five and hubs got out of the van to go find out what was going on, when a Wendy’s employee stepped out and asked us why were parked here.

“Are you kidding me?”

I told the girl we were waiting for our order. She then told me the person in our party — the vehicle behind us had told them she was with us and came in and claimed our entire order!  They had given away our food!

Of course we got apologies from the staff. The night manager apologized. The girl who took the order apologized. And they made up our order as quickly as they could and gave it us so we could be on our way.  It’s amazing also what some people will do for free meal – this person who took our food should be ashamed of themselves for duping the staff!

When I got home though, none of this sat right with me.  Apologies are great, but you can’t learn from your mistakes if you make excuses for them. As someone who worked in customer service for years, and in the fast food industry, I realized what I had to do.

Using the power of social media to make changes. You can make a difference!

I jumped online and found Wendy’s Canada on Facebook. and I immediately sent them a message.  I shared what had happened, and sent them a copy of my receipt which I had taken a pic of with my phone. I love how easy Facebook makes it to message and share.

This morning I got a response.

Wow! I am impressed.  Wendy’s is a brand that cares and they showed it by engaging with me, answering my message and paying attention to the problem within their brand.

Now I didn’t contact Wendy’s to get free coupons. Although I did feel some form of compensation should have been offered to us by our local Wendy’s staff for making such a big mistake. It wasn’t my intention to get something free. My intention was to help them. Yes, you heard me correct — help them.

You see as consumers it can’t always be roses and pretty butterflies surrounding the products we use and love. If you don’t complain to a brand you like when something goes wrong or is done improperly. Then change cannot happen.  The brand will never learn to grow, fix things or improve their mistakes.  And as a person who does product reviews for a living — I realize the importance of this to the brand’s integrity and relationship with their consumers.

So the next time you are treated unfairly, you don’t like a product, you are upset with the way a brand conducts business. Share your thoughts and feelings using social media to make the brand aware. You don’t have to put the brand down, get angry or say nasty things. Just tell it like it is. Share your thoughts and opinions. You’ll be amazed at how much it can not only help future consumers of the brand, but help the brand / company itself improve and grow!

Have you ever used social media to voice your opinion to a brand and or company?

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