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How Boat Angel Helps Pay It Forward

I’m always online doing research for different things. It’s amazing the stuff I come across. In the social good category, I was amazed at how many people on Craig’s list in my local area were just giving away or ditching used boats and cars. Then I saw an ad for Boat Angel and I got curious. Have You Ever Heard of Boat Angel?

Boat Angel Outreach Center is located in the United States and has produced many television and full-length movies on drugs and redemption, teen pregnancy, social/religious dramas, homelessness and child abduction to name just a few causes to their line-up of worthy ongoings. They are also responsible for Boat Angel. A place where people can donate their boats for a worthy cause or charity of their choice. How cool is that?

I’ve donated lots of stuff in my lifetime. It’s usually very simple. Just take it down to the nearest thrift store or donation center, church or outreach program. But a boat is different. You can’t just get rid of it that easy. 

Sure you could sell it online. Make a bit of a profit while allowing someone else to enjoy it. But what about someone who has become disabled or infirm and can’t enjoy their boat any longer? What if the repairs are costing too much? What if you inherited the boat from a deceased family member but live in an apartment? 

Boat Angel makes things so simple for you to donate your boat while receiving a tax break for supporting a charity of your choice from their list of charities. Giving back to someone else in need which makes the whole idea worthwhile. 

How Simple Is It?

I think it’s pretty cool that you can donate an old boat and Boat Angel makes things uncomplicated for you to do such a great thing. Even sending you a camera to take pics to mail back to them, while they do all the work, helping other organizations and charities within their structure, plus taking all the effort out of moving the boat, transporting it, meeting with those in need to pick it up, and you get a tax deduction for it. It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. 

Note: Boats must have registration and title in order to be donated. So yeah, you can’t steal your neighbor’s boat and do a good deed by donating it. You have to actually prove ownership. 

When it comes to charities, Boat Angel has you covered. Some charities include churches, religious groups,  youth groups, building programs, cancer programs, food kitchens, marriage counseling, Alzheimer research, computer education, media outreach, homeless and drug addiction, animal rescue and the list goes on. 

So if you have an unwanted boat you don’t know what to do with? Give Boat Angel a try. Visit their website at for all the information you need to get started. Or  hop online and reach out via social media by sending a message to 

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