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Would You Survive Being Unplugged?


As I sit here typing to you, my fingers feel the happiness rushing through them. You see it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve been able to blog or since I’ve had my computer.

It all started when it broke. It beautiful laptop kept getting hot and shutting down on its own, making blogging, designing and connecting to the world nearly impossible. So I had no choice but to send it to be fixed.  Today I got my computer back and I cannot even tell you how extremely thrilled, jumping for joy, cart-wheel type happy I am to be back online with the sane and insane. I missed you all so much!

Now I know you are probably saying… “Okay Jodi that’s pretty sad you can’t go two weeks without your computer. I mean, really?”

I’m not ashamed to tell you. Yes I’m sad.  The saddest of sad people, because in all honesty I did not enjoy being unplugged. And to make matters worse. I got hit just shortly after (computer broke) with a very large (ahem in the thousands) dollar hydro bill and my hydro is currently disconnected.

What’s crappy about being unplugged?

  • No stove, can’t cook proper meals
  • No showers or baths, no hot water
  • Loss of money and food, no way to keep deep freeze and fridge on to keep things cold
  • No lights, one adult and one child scared of the dark. Don’t judge!
  • No entertainment, wii, dvd, tv, phone (cordless), ipad, cell phone = no fun!

I will admit the first few days of no electricity were very hard, especially for the boys. I felt horrible as a mother this happened. How could I explain to them, our disabiity amount we get each month just didn’t cover the cost of the bill?  I mean how the heck do explain that to a seven year old who wants food, a movie to watch and a bath at bed-time?  

I decided that we were going to use this unplugged time to our advantage, making the most of the situation. So we pushed together the sectional, brought down the single mattresses and have been camping out in the living room.  I decided that this would be an educational and learning experience for my kids.  One to appreciate all the things they have. Two that bills cost money and together as a family we need to do our part to keep the bills down. And finally three, electronics and devices are not the be all and end all of everything.

Now we are very blessed and lucky. Our outside plugs still worked for some reason. Different grid maybe, but we still had juice in them so we ran an extension cord from outside to inside to plugin the television, one lamp, switching those out for the coffee pot and toaster for breakfast in the morning.

Ways we survived this week and things we enjoyed being unplugged:

potatoes Trace grew at school with the help of his teacher for us.

Using coolers and ice packs and ice to keep food cold. Milk can last 3 days in a cooler before spoiling. Cheese slices last a long time. Pudding and juice boxes are great.

We have fantastic neighbors who offered us the use of their hot water for dishes (dishwashers need electricity) and we’ve been showering at friends and neighbors and my parents so everyone stays clean.  I also have amazing friends online who have offered help to our family. Friends of my son’s classmates and his teacher gave us food to keep in our cupboards for the boys as money is so tight with everything going to the bill. WE THANK YOU!

Making meals with a crock pot, stews, soups, roast, chicken. The ideas are endless and don’t require a stove. You can prep and cook all day a fabulous meal to feed a family of four and even have left overs for school.

Reading books. Monkey and I have been enjoying reading again. I forgot how great it was to read an actual book. I recently read Safe Haven and then saw the movie. It was truly fantastic. We even took a trip to the local library, something we haven’t done in a very long time because it requires actually unplugging ourselves and going outside.

All in all, as a family we’ve learned to appreciate having things more I think. The boys have been happy, learning some vaulable lessons and we’ve grown closer as a family throughout this ordeal.

As for hydro. Well I’m paying the bill (most of it) like the first thousand. Then I have to some how convince hydro to turn us back on and work with us on paying the rest, up my equal payments so I can balance out what I’m using and what I’m paying so this doesn’t happen again.

Don’t get me wrong, having no electricity has been rewarding, a learning experience and not so bad. But like heck in a handbag if I’m going to live this way forever. I just can’t! I miss having power.

Have you ever gone without electricity? What did you do to get through it?

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