Creative Ways To Use Charger Plates In Your Home

When most people think of charger plates, they think formal dining extravaganza, and while that may be true when the queen comes to dinner, charger plates aren’t just for those with money in their wallet. In fact, having a great set of charger plates can make you the talk of all your friends. I love the look of charger plates for their simplicity, and the beauty they bring out in table decor.

While the elegance of charger plates isn’t for everyone, whether your dining experience is formal or informal. If you are into designer dinnerware and tableware you will probably know the Anna Vasily brand. I got these amazing Meghan charger plates from Anna Vasily in mint and white marble because I love earthy, stone and wood accents.

Charger plates are a great way to add a special reservation for your guests, along with helping to spruce up your table with some added creative flair. The use of charger plates goes beyond mere decorative though. There are many reasons you should be using charger plates in your dining room your guests are sure to enjoy!

You can buy different designs and styles of charger plates. I prefer a square charger plate like the Meghan set because my plates are round and these add some much-needed flair to the plain white of my plates.

Simple Off Center Decoration

You don’t have to formally set up your dining table using your charger plates. There are a variety of ways you can use them. You can place your charger plates to one side like I have here with all four stacked on top of one another, adding some farm pieces that go with my decor for a simple yet beautiful look.

Two Plate Centerpiece Decoration

You can use two plates instead of four and add some charm to your table by placing the things you love such as a candle, some small plants to create a lovely centerpiece like I’ve done here. As I said, I love that my Meghan charger plates by Anna Vasily are square because I can use them in a variety of ways.

One Plate Centerpiece

If you want even further simplicity, use only one charger plate to create a unique and special centerpiece that will add warmth to your home decor. You can add things like pine cones for the fall or use bits of flowers for spring. Change it up and decorate your charger plate however you wish. The possibilities are endless.

More Uses for Charger Plates

Beyond the scope of table decoration, charger plates can be used a variety of ways. Get creative and use your imagination. Here are a few more ideas.

  • Cake Serving Plate – Use your charger plate to serve a beautiful birthday cake for a family member.
  • Serving Treats – A great way to serve sweets and treats for guests.
  • Appetizers – You can use all four charger plates to serve different appetizers during your party.
  • Flowers – Use as a base for a beautiful floral arrangement.
  • Candles – Charger plates make a great foundation for those gorgeous candles you want to show off.

Anna Vasily Dinnerware & Glass Creatives

Now you can re-imagine your home with Anna Vasily dinnerware and glass creatives. If you want a set of Meghan charger plates like the ones I have which are made of glass and beautifully splashed with mint and white marble just visit Anna’s site. You have to see her designs. She is a true artist.

Every piece Anna makes is unique and individual and completely affordable. My Meghan plates cost $179 (for a set of 4) which is a steal, especially having something so pretty for my home. Anna Vasily creates pieces for all aspects of entertaining such as charger plates, cake stands, teaware, high tea stands, and even candy dishes.

What ways do you use your charger plates?

I partnered with Anna Vasily and received the Meghan plates to review for free. My opinions are 100% my own and come from my actual testing of the product. Thanks for reading! 

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