What Type of Knee Brace Is Right For Your Knee Injury?

It’s a question that has plagued my husband and me over the past year, ever since our son completely shredded his knee the last game before his team’s championship game and is now on a wait list for surgery.

We investigated the different types of knee braces and aids to help him with the pain and mobility. But we had no idea there were different types of knee supports for different reasons. 

From ACL to patella injuries. Knee injuries require different types of support for daily activities. The right brace means better recovery and prevention of re-injury. That was something we wanted.

Despite the fact our son’s high school football career was over. He still wanted to play sports and does on weekends. He is also on his feet for 12 hour days in his carpentry program. The right brace we knew would make all the difference for his mobility and to help reduce the pain while he waits for surgery. 

So What Types of Knee Braces Are There?

Custom Knee Brace

This was our first option and the one recommended by the Ortho surgeon handling our son’s care. However Custom knee braces can be extremely expensive, but their benefits are more than rewarding.

The brace is molded to fit each individual by measuring the knee and is created just for you!  They can range in price into the thousands though, so for us, this wasn’t an option. 

Hinged Knee Brace

A hinged brace is an for athletes who want a top of the line protection and stability after having surgery. Just one wrong twist or poor ankle placement, and you can undo what the surgeon has done to repair your knee.

A hinged brace offers protection just below a custom brace, delivering the proper support in order to heal. Hinged braces come in two forms. Soft and Rigid. 

Bands or Straps

Bands or traps are perfect for runners. This was not our son. Although he plays sports, mainly floor hockey and ice hockey. Running wasn’t something he did on a regular basis. Band and Straps are good for those with patellar tendonitis or acute knee pain. They are designed to apply pressure on the knee to help get rid of the pain and be comfortable to wear under your clothes. Easy to put on, bands and straps can be worn daily for added knee support. 

Wrap Around Knee Brace

Another type of brace is the wrap around knee brace, almost like the kind kids use when first learning to rollerblade. Wraparounds provide a brace for moderate level knee pain, patellar instability, and dislocations. Although they are easy to put on and you can customize the comfort using the Velcro straps provided, they can be bulky and weigh you down. Wraparounds allow athletes time to focus on their performance but not quite the solution our son was looking for. 

Compression Knee Brace

The perfect solution! Compression knee braces are similar to wraparounds for mild to moderate knee pain except without the bulk or straps. Sleeve and Compression braces offer support by redistribution of weight-bearing loads and increase the ability for the individual to perform during training and sports. They also help decrease the day to day pain involved with movement.

After searching around online at various different sites and reading reviews. We finally found our son an Ortho Compression Knee Brace from cepcompression.com to do exactly what he wanted. Something to provide him with the stability he needs not only daily, but while playing sports, compressing his knee to keep it in place and alleviating the pain he feels on a regular basis while standing and working all day.

He’s been wearing the brace for over a week now and loves it. He feels minimal pain daily. He also loves how it feels measured to his body, slides on easy and nobody knows he has it on under his clothing. He can wear it all day long without it itching his skin or feeling as if he has to pull it up constantly, like other knee sleeves. 

The Compression Knee Sleeve is $70.00 but worth every penny. So if you’re suffering from a knee injury or other sports injuries, I suggest checking out cepcompression for their value of products from knee braces to compression socks to help make your daily life easier.

We’re happy we found a knee brace for our son. Remember to choose the right knee brace for yourself, for your daily pain level and mobility achievement for balance. We wish you happy health! 

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