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Turning Your Hobby into the Career You Have Always Wanted

Imagine being able to do what you love and get paid for it?  That’s what millions of people who have hobbies dream of. Hobbies are usually activities that people do during their leisure time — something to fill in the gaps between the time that we spend in the office and at home. Many people daydream about the possibility of turning their hobbies into something more lucrative, but can you actually turn your hobby into a fully fledged career?

While some fear that ending a career you’ve worked hard all your working life and replacing it with something that you’re passionate about might lead to failure, it only takes a handful of courage and determination to push you into a life that’s more exciting. Take the risk you might be surprised by the rewards. 

Successful entrepreneurs like Kim Lavine of Green Daisy started out with simple hobbies before ending up with multi-million dollar companies. Lavine invented a microwavable pillow back in 2001. The pillows were filled with corn kernels that heats up after being popped in the microwave even for just a few seconds. From her kitchen table in Michigan, Lavine’s invention was brought to popular stores like Macy’s and Bed Bath & Beyond.

In her book, Lavine suggested people ask a simple question before going head on with the new business: “Do you have a great product and can you prove and prove its marketability?” Having a great product that can be marketable to the public can give you an idea about the gains that can stem from this venture.

Candice Landau, the editor of business-savvy website suggested five questions to ask yourself before starting up your own business from a hobby:

  1. Will you enjoy doing your hobby even if you have a deadline?
  2. Will you enjoy doing if it means that you won’t have a roof over your head?
  3. Are you fully committed to the activity?
  4. Does challenge inspire you?
  5. Can you sell “yourself” or the things you create?

Landau admits that even after you’ve said a rousing “Yes!” to all the questions above, you still have to consider a lot of factors for this venture to be a success. She recommended having a solid business plan that can help you decide the right ways to approach your attempt. Researching about similar products can help you find ways on how to differentiate yours from the others. With the right mix of determination and persistence, you can successfully transition your hobby into a lucrative business. Going through this route is no easy feat and it would need lots of hard work and a handful of cash to get you started.

It all boils down to creating a business based on something that you’re good at. If you’re good at designing, you can always create custom jewelry; if you’ve got an amazing palate, you can always cook up something great or check out some recipes available at If you are a writer, get that book on the shelves for Amazon. Remember that you can always achieve when you believe!

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