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17 Inspirational Travel Destinations That Will Have You Planning Your Next Trip

Traveling is something I’d like to do more of. I’ve been a few places, but have a list of places I’d love to see. Some are here in my own country, and some far away. But no matter where I go, I want to be inspired to be where I’m at. 



Pixabay / Komezuka Sea of Clouds

Pixabay / Komezuka Sea of Clouds

A great time to visit is now because Japan’s economy is great. Everything is affordable, tons of shopping, food and local markets to visit, plus great landscapes you have to see to believe. 

Rockport, Maine

Pixabay / Rockport, Maine

Pixabay / Rockport, Maine

A quaint little coastal town and used as the backdrop for the movie “The Proposal” made to resemble Sitka, Alaska. The town has festivals, local markets and is hopping with boat rides and tourists.


Labeled as one of the most romantic places to visit, Greece is beautiful with its architecture and people whom are friendly and love to eat. 


calgary stampede

Pixabay / Calgary Stampede

Home to the Calgary Stampede and not a place that requires a plane from where we live. Still a city we’d love to visit to take in all the amazing food, many local diners and mom and pop shop type restaurants along with one of the largest rodeos ever. 

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Cityscape

Berlin Cityscape

I’m German and it’s beautiful there, Berlin is a cultural playground filled with museums, art galleries and historic neighborhoods. 

Sydney, Australia

Pixabay / Sydney, Australia

Now is the time to travel to see Australia. Home to many indigenous species on our planet and a dying rain forest. Australia is beautiful and definitely one on our bucket list as places to must visit.

New Orleans

Now this is one place I’d look for more information for an all inclusive holiday. Who wouldn’t? I mean imagine being in the middle of Mardi Gras or walking through the French Quarter. I would love to visit New Orleans, home to one of my favorite comics, Ellen Degeneres.



Hot and lots of sand, but so many historic monuments to look at. I mean serious who wouldn’t want to go and see man made pyramids on a trip? Egypt is on my bucket list for sure. 

Great Wolf Lodge

great wolf lodge

Google / Great Wolf Lodge

Another place I’d book a package holiday with my family. Great Wolf Lodge has so many locations to choose from and all with something magic for you to enjoy. From amazing restaurants and boutiques to waterslides and more onsite, Great Wolf Lodge has something for everyone.

Canadian National Parks

national park landscape alberta

Alberta National Park

Not listed as one of our 5 Canadian Destinations to add to your road tripping adventures. Alberta and all along Canada have so many great National Parks that often get overlooked as places to see and visit. I mean look at those beautiful mountains and big beautiful lake. Surrounded by nature at its best, any of Canada’s National Parks are something you should consider exploring.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn, colorful harbour of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Nyhavn, colorful harbour of Copenhagen (Denmark)

The capital of Denmak, it’s the most charming city on our planet. Many explore by bike riding and the canals are so impressive. My love is the architecture though. 

Walt Disney World, Florida

disney world florida

Pixabay / Walt Disney World Epcot Shot

Walt Disney World Florida is another family-packed adventure we’d love to take our kids to see. Epcot center, grand oceans and amazing night life to which Florida has to offer. 

Southport, North Carolina

Pixabay, Southport from Movie Safe Haven

Pixabay, Southport from Movie Safe Haven

From the moment Julianna Hough stepped off the bus in the movie “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks, I fell in love with the small cape cod looking town of Southport, North Carolina. Sail boats everywhere, Victorian houses, old barns as restaurants. It’s a place that is on my bucket place.

Anchorage Alaska

Pixabay / Anchorage Alaska

Pixabay / Anchorage Alaska

The only place where you can actually view the Aurora Borealis in its natural light, Anchorage is one place I can book and inclusive holiday by plane or boat. I’d prefer a cruise really from Vancouver to Alaska so I can take in all the natural beauty along the ride.

Manitoulin Island, Southern Ontario

Swing Bridge on Manitoulin Island / Google

Swing Bridge on Manitoulin Island / Google

A favorite destination spot among tourists year round, Manitoulin Island has some of the most amazing beaches, small farmer shops, and is home to the largest fresh water lake island in the world.that is surrounded by rural and fresh farmland. Want to know more, check out my gal pal and fellow blogger who lives there, you’ll be sure to fall in love reading Life on Manitoulin and want to visit. 

West Edmonton Mall

west edmonton mall

Okay yeah it’s a big mall, but I still wanna go and see it. I mean look at it. It’s huge and has so many indoor activities, it’s like Disney in Canada. Indoor water park, boat rides, sea loving area, restaurants and some of the most amazing state of the art rooms to book your family adventure in. 


Pixabay / Hawaii

Pixabay / Hawaii

A popular destination by travelers and one on our must see list to visit. Hawaii is plum beautiful with sandy beaches, volcanoes, friendly residents, surfing, sand and sun. What more could you need for vacation

So there you have another round-up of places we’d love to travel What’s your favorite? Have you been to any of these places? Chime in below and let us know. 

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