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Transformers Last Night Trailer #2 Mixed Reactions

Okay, so if you are a huge Transformers fan like I am, loving the movies for the popcorn fun, childhood indulgent, blast from the past, action-comedy, cheesy storyline flicks they are. Then you’ve seen all the movies and know that even though Michael Bay stated he wasn’t going to make another one (okay Michael) Transformers: Last Night is set for release sometime in mid-June. 

Now I will admit after watching trailer #1 that I was a bit unsure about this latest installment in the franchise. The movie looks extremely dark. Not at all going in the direction I expected, although I’m not sure what I expected. 

But then I saw Trailer #2 while watching Disney’s Beauty & The Beast (amazing BTW) and okay there seems to be more to the storyline, and a little bit of girl-power which is causing mixed reactions all over the web which you can check out here, here and here just to see for yourself. 

Newcomer actress Isabela Moner is a fierce heroine in the latest movie, which I’m absolutely loving. Of course, not everyone is loving this, and questions are plaguing everyone.

  • Like where is Mark Wahlberg’s daughter?
  • What happened since the last movie?
  • Why is Optimus trying to kill Bumblebee? 
  • How did Megatron get his head back?

That’s the thing about trailers. They are made to hook us and reel us in. I’m hooked. I’ve been hooked since Shia debuted in the first Transformers and I sat center row watching as my childhood heroes came to life on the big screen. 

Now, I’m bias when it comes to these movies. I don’t care about plot or storyline. I want to watch my robots do what they do best. Save the human race. With the help of us humans (of course). The transformers was always about humans and robots helping one another. 

I enjoyed the first three movies as we watched Shia’s character evolve. The cheesy one-liners. The adorable sidekicks. The sets made of incredible proportion, as everything around us blew up in a big way! Just tons of fun, without the sadness of wondering why it wasn’t going to win any Oscars. 

Who cares about the Oscars when Optimus is kicking ass? 

I don’t need to watch anymore trailers to know I’m definitely going to see Last Knight. Will I like it? Yes, for sure. I’ve loved each one of the movies and will love this one just as much, especially with some girl power introduced to the plot where war rages between Transformers and Humans. 

As for Michael Bay. Well, you either love his movies or you hate them. I personally love his movies. Why? Because the man is talented and knows how to bring a story to life with action, heroes, villains and drama. 

Q & A: How many of these Michael Bay Movies Have You Seen? 

Transformers (Series)
Pearl Harbor
The Purge
The Occult
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I Am Number Four
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Island
Bad Boys
The Purge 2
The Rock
The Hitcher
Coyote Ugly
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Friday the 13th

I don’t know about you but the guy makes some pretty great movies, and I can’t wait to see Transformers Last Knight. How About You?

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