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Optimums Prime Halloween Costume


It’s hard to believe September is almost here, and soon October which means Halloween and Thanksgiving. Each year we begin to think about Halloween around this time. My 8-year-old absolutely loves dressing up in different costumes to go trick-or-treating or just for fun to play make-believe. His latest craze caused by the newest Transformers movie : Age of Extinction is on Optimus Prime. 

Costume SuperCentre has costumes for all Ages!

I love shopping online especially stuff for the kids. Okay, even for myself. So for this Halloween I decided to surprise Trace with an Transformers Optimus Prime Classic Muscle Boy’s Costume. He was extremely thrilled which shows in the pictures as he decided to allow me to take different poses of him wearing it. For the past 4 days he gets up each morning and puts it on to play outside. 

This costume is fantastic. It’s a full body armor costume (jumpsuit) that will keep Trace warm as going out on Halloween here in BC can be a bit chilly. So he can wear his jogging pants and shirt under it for extra warmth and protection from the elements. It comes in sizes (small, medium) for boys. I got the medium as Trace is 8 and he has room to grow in it. Another thing he loves is the colors. Prime’s red, blue and white armor colors are showcased throughout the costume. 

I have to say I was really impressed with how well this costume was made and how it fit my son true to size. There is a sizing chart available on the website, so you can’t go wrong.  A couple years ago I bought a similar costume (Bumblebee) at a local store (not to be named) and within a week of wearing it the costume tore at the seams. I paid nearly fifty bucks for this thing and it fell apart which kinda ticked me off and left me with one very unhappy boy. 

Accessories to Match

Another great thing I love about shopping at Costume SuperCentre is that they carry all the accessories you need. It’s easy enough to find a Transformers Costume around town. Perhaps not one made as durable or at such a great price — on sale now $28.89 as most of these licensed costumes are $40 bucks and up at retail stores. But the stores don’t carry the real weapons for the costume themselves, and if they do you are looking to pay even heftier prices to complete your ensemble. 

Transformer Costumes are going to be a big hit this year with the release of the movie on Blu-ray and DVD September 30, 2014. Big kids and small ones are going to want to chose their favorite characters. Costume SuperCentre has in stock various Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Iron Hide in different variations from all the movies that have come out. Whether you have a toddler or grown up, you can get the costume you want when you want. 

Sneak Peek Age of Extinction – See Why Transformer Costumes are going to Be Hot!


I’m super stoked for Halloween. I love the fact my son can also play with this costume long after the holiday is over. He absolutely loves it. Now if only they would make a female Transformer mommy could join in the fun!

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Who’s your favorite Transformer?

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