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Toy State Iron Diesel Train Set Review


When I was a little girl, believe it or not I loved toy trains.  In fact as an adult and mom to boys, I’m still in love with trains. The idea of traveling far away to far off distances wherever my imagination would allow, it was so very appealing.  There is something about trains that are intriguing, mysterious and even adventureous when you think about it.

Toy State Introduces a Die Cast Train Set That is Perfect for Kids!

This train set is amazing. I’m having just as much with it as my 7 year old is. He got the set just in time for graduation from grade one yesterday and already we’ve been on it for about five hours or more, and this train set does not disappoint!  Check out our review video and see for yourself as Monkey explains what he likes about this product.


Over 7 feet in track, this set comes with five movable trains that run on two double A batteries.  One of the cargo trains has two CAT vehicles, a dump trucks and a digger, and they are removable so kids can engage and play outside of the train. What boy or girl wouldn’t love that?  It also comes with a cargo box and a magnetic hauler to lift the cargo and place it inside the cargo container.

Easy Set UP!

Set up of the train took five minutes in total, and I have to say both hubby and I were impressed at the durability of the tracks, despite them being plastic.  They simply snap together and you can easily add more tracks and create more with what you get out of the box.

The trains themselves have simple snap and haul handles connected to one another which makes it easy for little hands to change the order the card, remove cars, or just have the locamotive running on it’s own.  You can also run the train on your kitchen or living room floor, something I think is great.  It means the trains aren’t subjected to just remaining on the tracks themselves.

Fun for Kids!


There are do’s and don’ts when buying a train set for your child.  This set was super easy to set up, provides hours of fun and is so much fun for kids. The box says ages 5 and up. However a three year could play with it because there are no real small pieces. They will just need some help getting the train on the track. For our 7 yr old though, this toy was one graduation present worth waiting for!

Where to Buy!


The Cat Iron Diesel Train set is motorized, has over 7 feet of track, carries 2 removable Cat machines and includes a pivoting car with removable shipping container. It can be found online and at Target and retails for $35.00

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