Toy Dozer: A Unique Fun Way to Clean Up Kids Toys

Do you ever have a problem getting your kids to pick up their toys?  Are you used to hearing the whines… “It’s too hard. There are too many toys!  I can’t do this by myself!”  Well you aren’t alone.  I’m a mom and hear this each and every day when I ask monkey to pick up his toys after he’s done playing with them, only to be met with tears and frustration. And that’s just from me.

Introducing ToyDozer – The Unique and Fun Way to help Your Kids Pick Up their toys!

When I saw this, I kicked myself. Seriously I did. It’s not only the coolest invention I’ve seen in a long time, that works!  But because I didn’t come up with the idea.  And what a great idea it is.  Below is our video on what the ToyDozer is and how it works. Monkey helped me.


Now how cool is that?  I am being totally honest when I tell you the ToyDozer has completely changed our organization in our home.  I’m no longer stepping on toys, Lego and small men that hurt my feet. I don’t hear anymore whining when I ask monkey to pick up his stuff, which is cool because January is National Organization Month. So we’ve been trying hard to keep things organized and the ToyDozer is one tool I cannot live without.

Where to Buy

ToyDozer is available for purchase from the website. The cost is $14.99 which is a fantastic price I think. The ToyDozer comes in blue, red, yellow and purple.  It comes equip with the dozer sweeper which attaches via Velcro pads and a small handle for little hands to hold on to.

You can also find ToyDozer on Facebook and Twitter @toydozer  Head on over and give them a shout if you want and tell them we sent you, so they know we are spreading the love about this great product for families.

Disclosure: I received the ToyDozer for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own and come from my own actual testing of the product mentioned above. Hope you enjoyed this review.


  1. Carolyn February 14, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Toy Dozer… love it. I'm always looking for ways to make tidying up fun for kids to want to do it.

    1. Jodi Shaw - Site Author February 14, 2013 at 5:07 pm

      It's totally awesome best invention for kids to help them clean! 🙂

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