Top 5 Reasons You Should Cut The Cable & Join Netflix

It’s hard to imagine there are still people who don’t watch Netflix. I’m hooked to the streaming giant. I have been ever since it first came out. There is so much content to watch. No matter how much time you spend “binge” watching, you will never run out of new and interesting programs and movies to enjoy. That’s why I came up with a list of 5 reasons why you should cut the cable and join Netflix.

Reason #1. Price Point

My girlfriend pays roughly around $90 bucks a month for her cable. Ouch! She gets to watch a lot of programming that Netflix doesn’t carry. Shows like The Doctor, Swat, and The Voice. What she doesn’t know is that you can find almost every single show on cable streaming online for your watch without paying such an outrageous price. 

Netflix has 3 pricing tiers which are $8.99 for 1 screen, phone or tablet. $10.99 for 2 screens, phones or tablets and $13.99 for 4 screens and tablets Ultra HD. A price point for everyone.

Reason #2. Watch What You Want When You Want

My girlfriend gave the argument that she can PVR all her shows and come home to watch them when she wants. That’s great but she has to scroll through all the commercials which take up time, not to mention space on her PVR box. Speaking of that PVR box, she also has to pay a monthly fee to have it.

With Netflix, there is only one low monthly fee and too many shows to count. No commercials. No ads. No space is being used up. Netflix doesn’t have a PVR but you can add your favorite shows to a list you create to watch what you want when you want.

Reason #3. On The Go Entertainment

Cable tv does have on the go features but for a monthly subscription. Again you can find the shows you want to watch with something less costly like an Android box. Or better yet, wait until your show comes out on Netflix. Take the Walking Dead for instance. I haven’t seen a single episode this year.

Netflix brings shows to its service quite quickly. Within a month of The Walking Dead finishing up, I will be able to download the entire season and watch it with Netflix on The Go. No added fees needed. Netflix on the Go allows you stream from any phone or tablet without a wifi connection being required which is something traditional cable can’t do.

Reason #4. Original Content You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

My girlfriend was over one afternoon while I was watching Bright. “What is this?” she asked. “This,” I told her, is original content from Netflix. That’s right baby, stars like Will Smith, Jerry Seinfeld, and David Letterman are all flocking to Netflix to make movies, documentaries and comedy programming. Why? Because everyone is watching Netflix.

Regular cable does have original content but again it will cost you, and you won’t get to see Blockbuster movies like Bright or amazing original series like Stranger Things on network television. Netflix brings so much original content that your choices are never limited.

Reason #5. Netflix Brings Families Together

No matter what show I am watching on cable, my kids don’t care. Where are they? In the bedroom watching Netflix on their tablet or phone. Cable tv holds no interest for my family other than my husband and I watching our Canuck games. If I could convince Netflix to stream sports I would fall off my chair with gratitude.

That being said–Netflix brings families together. Over the winter break, I cannot tell you how many movies and documentaries we enjoyed together as a family on Netflix. Shows like Riverdale  or Fullerhouse. TV Shows like iZombie and ZNation which yes can be found on cable but I can also watch commercial-free on Netflix.

In Summary

There are more than 5 Reasons why you should cut your cable and join Netflix but you can see from reading just five is enough.

Netflix has a vast library of choices, including being the first to get the Star Wars movies before anyone else, along with quality family programming everyone can enjoy.

From hardcore documentaries to original series, and all for one low monthly fee. If you don’t have Netflix you are missing out and that’s the bottom line.

I am part of the Netflix #StreamTeam and this post is sponsored and 100% my own opinions.

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