Top 20 Valentines Movies of 2019 on Netflix

My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my husband watching a great movie – Jodi

I’m not overly big on Valentines’ Day. I feel we don’t need a day to celebrate someone we love or the love we feel for people important in our lives.

However, that being said, I am big on snuggling up and watching a great romantic film on Valentines.

Here is our top 20 picks for valentines movies on Netflix right now for 2019 for you to enjoy!

#1. Leap Year – starring Amy Adams as a woman who goes after what she wants and what she wants is to get married, so she heads to Scotland to propose to her boyfriend but ends up on a wild adventure with an Inn Keeper who is less than romantic at heart.

#2. Forever My Girl – A struggling musician leaves his fiance at the alter only to return and discover he’d left more behind than he thought, but hopes to win her back.

#3. It Could Happen To You – A waitress gets a life change when she receives a huge tip from a beat cop who wins the lottery.

#4. The Ugly Truth – A single searching for romance TV producer clashes with her boorish cad of a college who believes love is a myth and women suck. This movie is absolutely hilarious! Starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.

#5. Endless Love – This is a great remake of the 1981 classic style Romeo and Juliet themed love story that starred Brooke Sheilds about first love that becomes obsessive when two teens parents try to keep them apart.

#6. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – A teenage girl who has written secret letters to five boys she once liked suddenly finds her world turned upside down when those letters get delivered. Funny and romantic, a must watch!

#7. My Best Friend’s Wedding – When a food critic (Julia Roberts) learns that her platonic relationship with best friend (Dylan Mulroney) is about to end because he’s getting married, Jules goes crazy and tries to break the young lovers up so she can keep her best friend all to herself. One of my favorite movies!

#8. Legends of the Fall – Not usually considered a romance, starring Brat Pitt this movie is about the Ludlow clan, bootlegging brothers and how all three fall in love with the same girl that brings about their end.

#9. The Back-up Plan – Tired of waiting to have a baby, Zoey (Jennifer Lopez) decided to get artificially inseminated. But on the big day, she meets the man of her dreams. How does she tell the one she loves their having a baby that isn’t his?

#10. The Notebook – No valentines list is complete without this Nicholas Sparks best-seller. The notebook revolves around two lovers torn apart by the war, family indifference, time and class. A must see if you haven’t yet.

#11. Safe Haven – My favorite Nicholas Sparks movie to date, Safe Haven is about a woman running from her past toward a future unknown until she meets a single father who lost his wife to cancer, but can he make her stop running? Or will her past catch up with her?

#12. Bounty Hunter – Milo Boyd discovers his latest assignment truly satisfying when he realizes the bail jumper he has to track down is his ex-wife Nicole. Hilarious and romantic, Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston shine together.

#13. Eat. Pray. Love – Julia Roberts stars in this amazing film about a woman who after her divorce decides to renew herself by traveling the globe in search of good food, inner spirtualization and true love.

#14. Just Friends – Ryan Reynolds will have you in tears laughing as a once portly young teen who comes home for the holidays to reunite with his best friend and first love.

#15. Maid of Honor – Skirt chaser (Patrick Dempsy) suddenly realizes he’s about to lose his platonic best friend and uses his role as maid of honor to help unravel her marriage plans.

#16. Something Borrowed – A life long friendship is put to the test when a successful lawyer ends up in bed with her best friends fiance.

#17. Loving – A must see film. A young couples interracial relationship leads a debate all the way to the Supreme Court 1958 based on a true story.

#18. Harvest Moon – A spoiled shopaholic finds herself stuck living on a pumpkin farm after her father goes broke and discovers not only a winning combination to a small fortune but some luck in the love department.

#19. Twilight (series) – Okay if you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen it yet, give Twilight a try. It’s a fun series where vamps, humans, and werewolves must work together and love is a bit of a dangerous thing.

#20. Beauty & The Beast – One of the best romantic movies of all time, Disney brings to life this magical tale in this live-action feature where a young woman discovers you can fall in love with someone no matter how they appear. Great music, fantastic story. A must see!

Some honorable mentions:

  • The best of me
  • Clueless
  • 28 days
  • Friends with money
  • Abduction
  • The little mermaid
  • 17 again

  • 40-year-old virgin
  • bridesmaids
  • I feel pretty
  • Dear John
  • Sex Tape
  • House Bunny
  • The vow

So there you have it. Our list picks of great valentines films for you and your sweetie to enjoy while cuddling up on the sofa together. Hope you have a great valentines day!

What is your favorite valentines movie?

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