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Top 20 Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix for 2016

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I know hubby puts up with my cheesy, romantic, ugly crying, girly-fest movies. And he doesn’t even roll his eyes. Okay, well not often. And I put up with his western, sci-fiction, documentary, musical, boring out of my brain shows all because I love him. 

You don’t need to venture out for Valentines Day. Couples can scroll through Netflix and find a variety of romantic movies they can both watch and enjoy together. Here is a list of some of our favorites! 

Top Romantic Movies to Watch on Netflix for 2016

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Valentines Day – Takes ordinary people living extraordinary lives, each trying to find that perfect person for themselves. Hilarious movie starring Ashton Kutcher, Taylor Swift, Taylor Lautner, Cheech Marin, Julia Roberts and more.

Never Been Kissed – Starring Drew Barrymore as a reporter who goes back to high school and discovers growing up is twice as hard the second time around but oh so much fun! 

Couples Retreat – You will laugh your arse off watching these couples trying to reconnect that spark they’ve lost on a retreat only to discover that true love is all kinds of messy and fun.

Can’t Buy Me Love – A high school student wanting to be popular rents the most popular girl in school to increase his status and discovers being popular isn’t all it’s cut out to be.

50 First Dates – The story of my real life (my husband is Drew Barrymore) a woman who goes to sleep each night to wake up the next day forgetting everything meets a man who has to work hard to get her to fall in love with him over and over.

The Proposal – When male assistants witch of a boss tells her partners they are engaged just so she can stay in the country, all hell breaks loose and he teaches her a few things about life and love.

Friends With Benefits – Two young people decide that relationships aren’t worth it anymore and stick to casual sex, hoping it won’t complicate something as sweet as their friendship. Now that’s funny. 

The Ugly Truth – Mike Chadway is disgusting, verbally icky, and overly sexy and his procedure hates him. Why? Because Mike has views on men and women and love. So much so she allows him to help her land the man of her dreams.

In Your Eyes – A truly remarkable movie about a man and woman who can see and feel one another from opposite ends of the globe, discovering life, love and the best parts of themselves.

The Longest Ride – Combines two love stories in one that are poignant and engaging. Plus it stars two of hollywood’s hottest stars.

Muffin-Top – It’s not just her story it’s our story. A woman who gets divorced tries to better herself through her image while discovering true love lies in liking who you are.  

Confessions of a Shopaholic – A young woman with extreme spending habits living in debt has to change things around to pay off what she owes, and begins writing a column on how to save money.

Failure to Launch – A middle aged man still living with his parents in order to avoid life responsibilities meets his match when his parents hire a professional motivator to convince him to move out. 

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Two professionals play a game of wits with one another as they enter a relationship only she’s trying to lose him and he’s trying to keep her.

Disney’s Cinderella – Brings to life this amazing love story about a girl living in servitude seeking to meet the prince of her dreams.

Enchanted – This musical romantic comedy brings cartoon and real life to the stage as a princess finds herself trapped in the real world waiting for her prince to find her.

Maid in Manhattan – Jennifer Lopez stars as a working hard maid and single mom who gets caught up in a romance with a guest at the hotel she’s working at. Problem is he thinks she’s someone else. 

The Holiday – Although a Christmas movie, it’s a great date movie for Valentines, mixed with love, romance, comedy and a worth-while great story to share together.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Hilarious comedy about a man who gets dumped and goes on vacation to get over his girlfriend only to run into her and her new boyfriend. 


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