Top 10 Spring Activities For Kids – Pinterest Roundup

Okay it’s not quite spring and won’t be for another few weeks. Here in BC though the weather is sunny, kids are playing and it’s never too early to jump into some spring activities for the kids to enjoy. Here is our pinterest round-up of the top 10 spring activities for kids.

#1. Tissue Paper Art

I used to love doing this as a kid. Take some tissue paper, bunch it up and create amazing art work. Kids can do whatever their imagination lets them. Everything from flowers to race cars, dinosaurs to dolls. The ideas are endless. All you need is some paper, draw what you want and outline it, some felts, tissue paper (you can grab cheap at the dollar store) and glue. (tissue paper pin)

#2. Pond Sensory Bin

My son has sensory disorder so when I came across this great spring activity on Pinterest I knew I had to share. It’s quite fun and simple. Using water beads, foam cut out flowers, paper plates, pond animals and more. Kids can dive in and explore their very own habitat which they created. (pond activity pin)

#3. Spring Gardening

My son and I are just beginning to get into gardening fun. We are growing some strawberries. This activity is great for kids who want to play and have their own imaginary garden. Using dirt, a bin, some carrots, shovel and more you can create a world of play at their finger tips. (spring garden pin)

#4. Pin The Tail On The Bunny

A cute take on an old game. Cut out some bunny shapes using construction paper. You will need cotton balls, different colors if you wish, some Velcro and some glue. It’s a fun game to pass the time for toddlers and even older kids ages 5 to 10. (bunny game pin)

#6. Homemade Bird Feeder

This is super easy and cool using recycling products. Take an old tissue holder, some sunflower or bird seed and peanut butter and string. Kids can create their own bird feeders for the back yard. Hang em up and watch the birds go nuts. (bird feeder pin)

#7. Bunny Ears Hat

Kids love playing dress up and with Easter shortly on the way we wanted to share this quick and easy activity kids can enjoy. Using paper plates, construction paper and staples you can create a bunny hat kids can wear and decorate themselves. This is also a great craft for a spring birthday party to keep kids occupied. (bunny hat pin)

#8. Bunny Nose and Whiskers

You can’t have bunny ears without the nose and whiskers. This is an easy craft using popcicle sticks, some pom poms and pipe cleaners. The kids will love showing being the Easter bunny during spring time or anytime! (bunny face pin)

#9. Ping Pong Ball Nerf Targets

This one is especially for boys but girls can play too. Grabbing some old plastic waster or pop bottles fill them with rocks. Place ping pong balls on top of each one set up in a group. Using nerf guns with foam darts or plastic darts kids can practice their aim. You can even put prize rewards on each ball 10, 25, 50 and have the kids pick a treat from a prize basket for the amount they win. (ping pong pin)

#10. Marshmallow Launcher

You can create tons of fun using things in and around your house. This craft uses an old kleenex box, some tape, some pencils and a cap. Get ready to launch into orbit! (marshmallow launcher pin)

What spring activities do you play with your family?

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