Why Peak Designs Everyday Tote Is My Go To Bag

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Have you ever wanted a bag that could actually hold everything without hurting your shoulder or neck while carrying it? Okay a woman’s dream come true, right ladies? Well when I came across a kick-starter campaign for something called The Everyday Tote created by Peak Design, I just knew I had to review one and see what all the fuss was about. 

Most tote bags as the video says make it so that everything ends up in the bottom, and then you have to fish through endless items of crap to find something you want. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to look for 20 minutes for a bank card in the bottom of a bag or purse. 

The Everyday Tote eliminates all those problems. I cannot even begin to tell you how much in love with this bag I am, and how excited I was Peak Design allowed me to review it. There are so many options and features, I honestly didn’t know where to put what when it first arrived. 


Imagine being able to put everything you see above into one bag that stands upright and has easy in and out compartments so you can organize and find everything you need. What would you pay for that? How about less than $200 bucks!  But is it worth it? Well–let’s see. 


Here are the Top Reasons Why The Everyday Tote from Peak Design is Our Number One Go-To Bag.

#1. External slip Pockets where your items won’t slide around or fall out. You can even tip the Everyday Tote upside down and both inside and outside remains intact with items where you put them.  

#2. Completely waterproof. I live on the West Coast, so the chances of seeing rain are about as equal as the chances of seeing sunshine in Australia. The Everyday Tote keeps everything completely dry. 

#3. Anchor Attachment to hold your keys. Okay maybe not a big deal, but even with this Peak Design went a step further to create an easy slip out clip so you don’t have to hold your bag up to the door while unlocking it. Super handy and easy to use. 

#4. Style and Quality. The leather and durability of the Everyday Tote showcases a bag worth way more than $189 dollars. It is a bag made for ruggedness, made for everyday life, made for moving and being on the go. A bag that will last a long–long time. 

#5. Versatility. The Everyday Tote does not have to be carried like a tote. This is my favorite feature and why I get excited just talking about it. You can wear it cross-body with long enough straps to go around my chubby middle. So they will fit anyone. Or loops it quickly and flip it over to carry it like a back-pack. 


#6. Unique Compartments for Storage. Peak really thought out how to carry what you want and how you want, but with the ability to still have your items accessible to your fingertips while on the go. Inside pockets with shelves and lining pockets. Not to mention pockets for your tablet or laptop with extra sleeve protection.

#7. Outside Zipper Access That Keeps Things Dry. There are two outside zipper compartments allowing you easier access inside the bag. I have a very large wallet and it fits in one of the outside / inside compartments. I love it. I’m standing in line at Walmart and zip, I have my wallet at the fingertips! 

#8. Ability to carry external equipment. With the Everyday Tote you can carry your camera tripod outside the bag or like me, a blanket for the park when I take my son out to play. I just roll it up and slide it into the strap section and bam. I have a blanket on the go.

#9. Flex Fold Dividers are Velcro and removable. I love that you can change up the inside of the Everyday Tote’s compartments. The dividers and shelves are attached to the inside and you can remove them if you need to carry larger items, such as the ability to use it as a carry-on while traveling.

#10. Built in Luggage Pass-through. Speaking of traveling. The Everyday Tote makes traveling so much easier with a built in luggage pass-through. Just slip your Everyday Tote onto the cart and your good to go.

The Everyday Tote is one of the most remarkable bags I’ve ever used. Peak Design are ingenious and truly proved they care about what the consumer wants out of an Everyday bag. It’s not just a camera bag. Or a backpack. Or even an office bag. It can be a baby bag. A picnic bag. Anything you want it to be by switching up and changing the design to how it fits your needs. 

For more information please visit Peak Design to see all their Everyday Bags. Yes they have more. I know, I want them all, especially the Everyday Messenger bag which looks incredible! Don’t believe me – go see for yourself. And make sure you pre-order your Everyday Tote. You won’t be disappointed! 


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