Are you Kind To People During the Holidays?

We shouldn’t need a special day to be kind to one another.

When it comes to the holidays I’m a big weepy mess of JOY and KINDNESS amongst my fellow man. I don’t know if it’s just the season, I seem to be like this all year round. I love it when people are good to one another.

This year, however, it seems the season has a darkness surrounding it, and no I’m not talking about the weather. I’m talking about people and how they behave and not just their own behavior, but the way they behave to one another.

It got me thinking about you guys and I wondered how you felt about it, and if you’ve ever asked yourself the question that to me is one of the most important questions we should be asking ourselves in this day and age. 

Are you Kind to People? 

Sometimes I think people are mean to each other because they don’t feel they are worthy of their own love and kindness. It’s not true though. Each and every one of us is worthy of love. Being kind to someone should uplift your heart.

Being kind to someone else should make you feel good inside. Help you feel that rush of icky love stuff we try to avoid (some of us) as much as humanly possible.

But every day, if you look hard enough (really hard) you will see it. Someone taking a moment to care about someone else other than themselves.

My Nana always taught me: Whenever you think you have it bad in life, whatever you are going through. Just remember someone out there always has it worse. 

Nowadays people seem to be in such a hurry. Places to go. Dinner to make. It seems that everyone has something to bitch about. It’s like the negative is so much more appealing to hear then having a great day.

People are always rushing or complaining about their lives, instead of sharing the things that are right with them. We always share what’s wrong.

I’m guilty of it, too.

It’s like we focus on all the things we don’t have. The things we need. Things we want. Instead of appreciating everything around us. Our children. Our friends. The fact we even have a roof over our heads. Money of any kind. The fact we aren’t on the street begging for food. Or dealing with a severe illness with nobody there to hold our hand. 

We seem to have an attitude that enough is never enough and yet can never quite achieve that HAPPINESS goal. Maybe it’s because we spend too much time focusing on ourselves and what we don’t have, instead of caring about someone in need. 

random acts of kindness free hugs

Random Acts of Kindness Shouldn’t Be Something We Only Do Once A Year! We Should Always Be Kind To Each Other and Ourselves. 

You will see them online as you shop or surf the net. Random acts of kindness lists for the holiday season. They are great lists. However, what boggles me is that these lists are only for the season. Why are we not kind throughout the year to one another?

Corey and I try very hard to do our best giving to those around us, and we’ve tried to teach our children to do the same. We don’t always have money to buy someone a meal, but we can give love in other ways. Whether it’s making a neighbor a meal because they are alone or sick. Or giving someone a ride somewhere to help keep them out of the rain. 

The funny thing is… we don’t do this because we are trying to get into God’s good graces. Or even to get something back. We do it because we want to. We do it because we care. 

And yes, even we have hard times. Just like everyone else, we are going through financial hardships. Dealing with disabilities and a child with special needs. But my parents always taught me that you give before you receive.

My parents are very unselfish people. They love their families, their children and grandchildren. Even as they age in life, they are still representing what it means to do something for someone else besides themselves. Such as taking a friend to the doctor once a week and then enjoying her company over a lunch. 

Giving of oneself is not to earn a reward in life. You give because your heart can’t handle not giving. Being unkind is like being trapped in the dark without a flashlight with no way out. I don’t know about you, but I’m scared of the dark. 

This holiday season I want you to take a moment to reflect on your life. I don’t want you to make resolutions you aren’t going to keep.

I want you to just take a moment to look around you. Look at where you live, even if it’s not perfect. Look at what you have, even if it’s not a lot.

Look at how you feel, even if your health isn’t the greatest. 

And then I want you to remember that feeling when someone holds open a door for you. Says thank you because you did something for them.

Remember that feeling you get when you give someone a hug that really needs it. Or when you buy someone a hot coffee you see out in the cold. Take it a step further. Sit down and talk to them. You might be surprised by what you hear. 

Make your own list of things you want to do for others. Not what you need or want for yourself because that list is easy. And I’m not talking about friends and family, helping them. We are all capable of helping ourselves if we really thinking about it, and yes we all need help now and then. I’m talking about helping someone who has less than you. Doing something to make a stranger’s day more wonderful than your own. 

None of us are perfect and I’m okay with not being perfect. I would rather be present in life than not living or complaining about everything. We all need to vent and that’s fine but I would rather live to love the people around me because in a selfish way it is what makes me feel good, and in turn, I’ve come realize I’m responsible for myself. My own hardships and I only I can change myself and what I don’t like about what I see or feel.

Non-Random List of Kind Acts To Follow All Year Long

  • Leave a thank you note for your mail carrier.
  • Tell a friend 3 things you love about them in your next conversation. 
  • Tapel some change to the washer or dryer in your apartment building laundry area. 
  • Hold open a door for someone. 
  • Help someone carry their groceries to their car. 
  • Do something with a friend that puts you out of your comfort zone. 
  • Call someone just to say hi and tell them you love them. 
  • Tell your partner why you love and appreciate them. This should be done daily. 
  • Leave uplifting chalk messages around your hometown. 
  • Buy 5 pairs of gloves or scarves from the dollar store and hand them out to someone homeless.
  • Donate toys to a children’s hospital.
  • Smile and offer a hug to five people you don’t know while out and about. 
  • Leave a note at the houses who have large light up displays thanking them for their time and effort.

  • Bake or buy a treat for your neighbor.
  • Buy someone’s coffee in line behind you. 
  • Pay for someone’s groceries if you can afford it even a small amount like a $5 dollar bill. 
  • Work at a food kitchen on the weekends to help the homeless. 
  • Give someone a compliment (I love your hair color, or that’s a nice jacket)
  • Drop donations off or give something to a shelter.
  • Forgive someone and yourself. 
  • Tell your kids how much you love them and why. This should be done daily. 
  • Hug your spouse often.
  •  Walk someone else’s dog. 
  • Go to the doctor with a friend. 
  • Pick up trash you find around your neighborhood. 
  • Visit a care home and offer to read them a story. 
  • Take supplies to an animals shelter. 
  • Leave clean water out for the birds and other neighboring animals. 
  • Leave your coin the shopping trolley for the next person.  

You get the idea, right? So this year make your own list of things you want to do for someone else. Once you get going you’ll be amazed at how addictive it is — being kind to people. 

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  1. corey shaw December 16, 2018 at 11:23 am

    I love that you write this kind of stuff. It’s truly amazing. The list is great. So many great options. Way to go babe!


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