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Things You Should Know about Windows 10

When it comes to tech stuff I’m pretty savvy. Okay, I’ll admit,I’m actually a geek girl at heart. So of course like millions of others when Microsoft announced their launch for Windows 10 — a brand new operating system, I had to be one of the first to test it out. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

I remember the day clearly. Hubby was playing on our old Dell (10 years old) on FB when I got my pop up saying my update was in. There was some dancing, clapping hands, girly squeals as though I’d just received my first diamond ring. A few eye rolls from hubs as I excitedly hit the install button with glee.

Now my laptop is not brand new but she packs a punch. 5 years old, quad core processor with 1.7hz, 700gig hard drive, 6gigs of ram, I knew I had more than enough space to handle Windows 10. So I upgraded from Windows 7 Home Edition, one of the best OS’s I’ve ever used. Boy was that a mistake!

Please refrain from moving, getting up, looking the other way, talking to your kids, leaving to eat supper or anything so I don’t have to give you one of these

– kindly windows 10



Right off the bat there were issues. I couldn’t put my laptop to sleep. No hibernation either. Apparently Windows 10 enjoyed being on my computer so much it didn’t want to snooze and every time it did, I got one of these blue death screen messages and the computer would restart.

Have you ever met a 40 year old woman after having kids who didn’t have pee every five minutes? I couldn’t leave my laptop, not without saving everything first, otherwise I’d lose it all and have to start over. It was truly annoying. 


I wasn’t oblivious to the fact this was a new system. Unlike many others who expected perfection from this new OS, I didn’t. I’m a realist. It’s new. There are bound to be bugs. Updates were rolling in and although MS said they would happen in the background, they also shut my computer down or caused apps to freeze.

Microsoft help was great. They got back to me right away. I was not the only one according to the forums experiencing these error messages and restarts. The first tech checked my system, did a health scan remotely, checked my drivers and said everything was okay. Yet the error kept happening. 

After my fifth phone call from MS who btw isn’t aware I’m Pacific Standard Time, calling me at 3am to provide assistance. It’s okay who needs sleep anyhow. The girl went in and checked everything like the previous techs had, then told me I needed to update my drivers. She then checked and saw I was using the latest ones. So she finally said she was going to do a fresh install. 


Great! I’m not dumb. I backed up all my stuff on my portable drive. She was good to go. And I crossed my fingers this would work because I was excited to play with the new OS. I love the interface how smooth it is. Edge is fast and cool on my mom’s desktop. I love having apps at my fingertips, something Windows 7 didn’t have. So off the girl went into my computer and she fixed everything.

Yeah, okay who am I kidding. 

Aside from still not being able to put my computer into sleep mode. I can’t watch videos on FB or youtube using Edge. That’s okay I’m a Chrome user. I thought, I’ll wait till the bugs are fixed. I also turned off sleep and hibernation and guess what??? No more blue errors and no more restarts. Now I could customize my Windows 10 and enjoy my experience. 


Today I got up and turned on my laptop and this is what I found. Error bluescreenofdeath, no bootable device found please restart. Restarting brings up the same message. I nearly fell off the bed. Okay no worries, I thought. This is easy. I’ll just roll back to Windows 7 when everything was hunky dorie, and I’ll have to wait till Windows 10 workes the kinks out. Easy, right?



Actually they didn’t. I found the old software hidden in my files. I reloaded Windows 7 clean install. Then did a fresh install of Windows 10. Fresh meaning removing Windows 7 and all programs that go with it. And guess what? I love it! But I still get the blue screen of death saying system storage error. It’s a driver issue with HP and something I hope gets fixed soon.

Other than that, here’s some things you should know about Windows 10

  • Don’t expect miracles it’s a new system and has to work out some kinks.
  • My laptop is five years old and running the system fine, no issues except my computer doesn’t go to sleep. It shuts off when I turn it off but other than that, no problems
  • You can search directly from your search bar located below in the task area, search your computer or online – super cool!
  • You can use Cortana by changing your geo location though I don’t recommend it. Just wait till she gets to us. Be patient.
  • You can cross use all your windows devices, that means Lumia, Surface or whatever you are using and bring windows 10 to life no matter where you are.


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