TheraWise All Natural First Aid Kit

Nobody in our house likes to take medicine of any kind, especially antibiotics. The kids are always telling us how it breaks their body down by taking medicine, and how their body needs to naturally heal which is great that they realize this. However, it makes for “tough love” when someone is actually hurt and in need of medical attention.

Thera Wise Provides All Natural Therapeutic Ointments For A Speedy Recovery!

Trace has just recently learned to rollerblade which is fantastic!  But because he has mild cerebral palsy his legs don’t always work the way he wants. So falling is something habitual for him. Last week he fell at least a dozen times, marking up his knees pretty darn good. In pain, he needed something to ease the damage to his skin. I turned to Thera Wise and my All Natural First Aid Kit for Everything I needed to help him.

My favorite thing inside my kit is the Thera Wise Sho Natural Skin Healing Ointment.  This stuff is miracle cream, seriously! I put the ointment on Trace which aids in wound healing and reduces skin irritation and inflammation. I love SHO because it can be used on cuts, wounds, rashes, bruises, irriations, burns, sunburns, eczema, pimples and more. Like I said miracle cream! 


Thera Wise has a whole line of products your family can use, and our family is proud to use them and always have them stocked in our medicine cabinet or first aid kit. Each product is natural, biodegradable and free of unwanted petrochemical-based products that can actually compromise your skin health. 

More About Thera Wise


Thera Wise was established in 2003. They are a Vancouver-based Derma Wise Skin Care company which makes me proud since I was born and raised in Vancouver. A Canadian health sciences company they produce bio-active, all-natural therapeutic ointments. They are the leader in “green chemistry” personal care movement committed to providing the most effective, all-natural remedies today!

Having a first aid kit is important. I never realized how important until I needed it. You need more than just Band-Aids. Several items should be included inside your kit such as Gauze, Tweezers, Scissors, Tape & Q-Tips.


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