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The Walking Dead “Twice As Far” (spoilers)

The Walking Dead only has two more episodes left and I cannot even tell you the anxiety I feel watching the show lately. Ever since the show came back from its mid-season break, it has been completely explosive. We’ve watched Rick’s gang take on Neegan’s. Carol and Maggie ended up in the crossfire of that attack, which ultimately I think changed Carol for good. And yet the threat of Neegan still exists despite our lack of seeing him yet. Everything is up in the air and left to surprise which leads us into Sunday’s episode “Twice As Far.”


The episode for me was slow moving which made the suspense all that more intense. Some are calling it the worst episode but honestly it’s leading up to where we need to be. It showcases where the people of Alexandria are. You knew something big was coming in the show. You just had no idea what it was. But the episode was a good one.

Darryl and Rosita take Denise (the doctor) into town to check out an Apothecary shop where she saw medication and thought it would not only help them back at home to have it, but to even use it to barter for things like food which the group in Alexandria is running short on. At the shop Denise struggles with seeing baby stuff in a back room and a baby I believe, not sure as they didn’t show us. But she struggles with it, and Rosita says to her “We told you that you weren’t ready,” and Denise nods.  

Eugine and Abraham are in town and come across a walker which Eugine calls dibs on to kill. Abraham kills it for him and Eugine throws a tantrum. So Abraham leaves him and tells him to find his own way home. Kinda silly I guess to others but to me it was a pivotal scene for Eugine who has been trying to build his confidence with being outside the city and being able to take care of himself.  


Darryl and Rosita and Denise head back to town. Denise kills her first real walker on her own and throws up afterward. She then begins a speech about being afraid and being sick of it. It’s at that moment she is shot in the head with an arrow. It was a sad moment but also one of surprise taking Rosita and Darryl off guard as they see a group of men on the railroad tracks with guns and they have Eugine captive.

The Weenie Bite! 


One of the funniest and best scenes ever! Eugine bites down on Dwight’s weenie giving the group enough time to grab a moment and fight back. It was a great scene. Eugine gets shot in the crossfire helping the group as Abraham comes out from hiding and helps Darryl and Rosita. Dwight’s group retreats into the woods. 

Darryl, Rosita and Abraham take Denise and Eugine back to town. Eugine is going to be okay. Darryl and Carol bury Denise in the city. And here is where it leads up to Carol leaving Alexandria in a monologue about how she can’t kill anymore.



I know many people didn’t like this episode. I did and I’ll tell you why. Because although you think the episode was pointless, it truly wasn’t and told a far greater story than most even realized I think.

  • Carol is losing her humanity and I think Morgan’s thoughts are weighing on her far more than she let on. I think she’s afraid of becoming like the wolves or saviors.
  • Doctor Denise had to die. Why? Because she was their only doctor. Now the group has to band together with the group on Hilltop because they have the only real doctor left. I think that’s why they got rid of Denise, especially with Maggie having a baby.
  • Doctor Denise’s speech was awesome because as she’s talking about how precious life is and how stupid Darryl and Rosita are for taking it for granted, she gets shot in the face so shockingly. It shows that no matter where they are anything can happen. So stop holding grudges and being angry. 
  • Eugine’s weenie bite was the best. The main reason being it shows that no matter what the circumstances are, Eugine is ready to fight. He’s not just good for making things like Abraham said. He’s ready to help the group fully.
  • Running into the group at the railroad tracks and Dwight was pivotal. Why? Because like Darryl said “I should have killed him,” meaning Dwight. It’s the dilemma the group faces. Do they kill everyone just to be safe? When they don’t bad things happen.

What did you think of Twice As Far episode?

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