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Does Glenn Get Killed In The Walking Dead Season Six?

Tonight the Walking Dead Season 6 Shares Glenn’s Fate. If you are alive then you know that FB and Twitter were buzzing last night after watching Episode 7 “Head Up” before I go any further and tell you the rundown and our thoughts on the show, this article contains spoilers. So if you haven’t seen it, click the back button or read this instead.walking-dead-spoilers-glenn

The Walking Dead Season 6 shares Glenn’s fate

In tonight’s episode which I’m happy to announce went the way everyone wanted, The Walking Dead Shared Glenn’s Fate and that he is indeed alive. That’s right you heard me. Glenn is still alive!


Well, there were so many rumors on how Glenn could have survived a mauling of walkers tearing apart flesh. But he did. The body we saw being torn apart was indeed Nicholas and Glenn shimmied himself underneath the dumpster. Most of the walkers kept busy eat Nicholas only a few tried reaching Glenn, which he took care of, and then he waited it out. 

Some people say it’s not realistic how Glenn survived, but frankly I don’t give a crap. He’s alive and that’s all that matters. But not out of the woods just yet. In fact, it seems just things start to settle even for a moment in Alexandria something else goes wrong.


  • Glen is alive – Woot Woot!
  • Enid tosses Glenn water. Glenn recognizes her from town. He follows her and tells her he’s taking her home. She pulls a gun on him. Enid goes one way and Glenn goes the other.
  • Maggie keeps a look out waiting for some sign back in Alexandria. 
  • Glenn finds Robert the man who was left behind when Sasha and the rest made their way back home. He picks up the note he wrote to Betsy and kept it. Glenn gives him mercy. Oh, wait that’s another show. He kills the guy.  Then decides to go back for Enid. 
  • Rick teaches Jessie’s son Ron how to use a gun never guessing the kid is most likely going to use it on him or Karl for revenge. 
  • Rick tells Morgan he knows he let several of the Wolves go and how they attacked him in the RV
  • Michonne tells Morgan his whole Peace theory isn’t so easy. Not now. 
  • Morgan gets busted by Carol for having a Wolf down in the jail.
  • Spencer the idiot tries to climb across a rope and ends up needing his behind saved before being eaten by walkers.
  • Eugene gives up trying to learn how to defend himself, showing once again his cowardly ways.
  • Ron steals bullets from the infirmary.
  • Glenn and Enid find the balloons from one of the safety points and the helium tank and set the balloons free.

So okay, I know many people are pissed at AMC’s head fake of killing Glenn and don’t understand why our emotions had to be toyed with, but the producer of the show explained it quite well.

Glenn2We wanted to showcase on The Walking Dead Sharing Glenn’s Fate how nobody is safe, not even in Alexandria. This year is about uncertainty. You go out and leave town you may never come back. It’s what happens, and we wanted the audience to feel that.

Well, we felt it all right. I am glad Glenn is alive.  I don’t feel cheated. Nor am I disappointed with how the show is turning out. I mean it’s progressively moving forward each week, and these spin off stories are great! 

Leading up to mid-season finale everything is crumbling. Ron walks with the gun in his hand behind Carl most likely ready to shoot him to get back at Rick. Carol confronts Morgan. Maggie and the group see the balloons knowing it’s a sign someone, and that hopefully Glenn is all right. Just as the tower comes crashing down and walkers enter the town. The suspense was killing me! 

My favorite scene from tonight’s episode: Tara giving Rick the finger when he tells her not to risk her life again for someone like Spencer who is being stupid. Classic! 

Next week should be tons of fun to watch and then I will have to sit and dwell as the holiday season closes off and we pick up again to finish off the season in Alexandria. What will happen? Right now, nobody knows and that’s the best part of TWD, it keeps you on your toes.

What do you think about Glenn being alive? Do you feel cheated with what AMC did? 

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