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The Refrigerator Of My Dreams



I hate my fridge.  I truly hate it.  It’s not only not big enough, with such small capacity there’s just no room for 2 growing boys, especially two teenagers, one with a titanic appetite.  Over the past few weeks my fridge has been over cooling everything.  My freezer has ice growing inside it, my milk is frozen and I have it on setting 5 only and if I turn it down, then nothing is cold.  It’s like it can’t decide what temperature to be at.   So I’ve been drooling online while looking at fridges and came across the this one. 

The LG Door to Door refrigerator is one of the coolest fridges I’ve ever seen and one that goes on my want need love Pinterest list. The door in door keeps everything you need front and center, so no more searching for snacks or drinks. With the push of a button, you can have what you need and want right away.

The door in door by LG offers:

  • 30 cu.ft capacity
  • custom chill drawer
  • drawer inserts to organize your food
  • keeping your favorites at your fingertips
  • reduces cold air loss up to 47%
  • french door and side to side models

An Ice Machine Made Right


Okay I’m an ice addict.  I actually am one of those people who buy ice.  Yes, it’s true.  The LG door to door features an ice holder with 32″ capacity, so it’s great for water bottles, pitchers, almost everything you need.  That is something I’ve always wanted on my fridge, a water dispenser that provides what you need. 

Double Freezer Drawers


Innovative technology provides you with two freezer drawers and compartments for all your frozen goodies. You can put the big stuff down below, and then use the second drawer to store you quick to go stuff for the kids, and you can even set the temperature to your liking. 

Different Styles


The LG door to door has 3 styles and I love love love the french double.  It’s my favorite.  I love the idea of the 2 bottom drawers, the side door that partially opens to allow easy access to juice, fruit, puddings and all the snacks the kids adore. Food kept in the LG’s door in door can be accessed without opening the entire refrigerator which can reduce cold air loss by up to 47% to help keep food fresh longer.

Storage That Counts

stylish-spacious-460x380Keeping stuff fresh is important and having enough storage even more important. One of the most impressive things about this fridge I love is the unique storage system that helps keep your food fresher and longer.  It even comes with a filter to remove odours which is handy to have — although in our house we never have leftovers.  Having great storage compartments means you can store pop, fresh veggies and more, which makes finding what you want easier. I’m all for that!

What do you look for when you are buying a fridge? What is more important to you, storage or style?

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