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Why The Guardian Orb Pet Tracker Is The Best Device For Pet Owners

by Jodi Shaw

Imagine losing your best friend. Not being able to find them. Not knowing where they went. Never being able to see them again. It’s the same feeling pet owners go through when their animal is lost or missing, which is why I want to introduce to you today the Guardian Orb Pet Tracker. A device to help keep your furry friends safe around you.

I own both a dog and a cat. My Harley is a Morkie (small breed dog) and he’s the love of my life. He also likes to run away if not watched properly. For some of us, we love our animals more than people for so many reasons but we do.

So many companies are inventing products for animals owners to help us feed our pets while we are away, communicate with them and even keep track of them to know they are safe.

Did you know that over 60% of us own either a dog or a cat? I own both as I said and I can’t imagine life without them. Thousands of pets get out every day and families end up having to track them down. Every time I’m on Facebook, I see a post on someone who is missing either their dog or cat, frantic to have them returned home safely.

That’s why products such as the Guardian Orb are so vitally important. Using GPS technology without limitations. The Guardian Orb is the smallest pet tracker, and it’s the only one with a 10-mile range and geo-location ability providing updates in real time. So now you know where your pet is and how to find them with all the hassles and worry.

How Does The Guardian Orb Pet Tracker Work?

As you see above the Guardian Orb relies on three simple methods to help track your pet. And guess what? Unlike many other trackers out there, the Guardian Orb has no monthly data fees, has a replaceable battery and SOON will have the ability to communicate from orb to orb, helping to extend its geo-location abilities similar to the way the Tile works.

So this means that now if your furry friend is 100 miles from you, but within 10 miles from someone else with a base station, you can find your pet. I think that is utterly fantastic when you think of the peace of mind it can offer never having to worry about losing your animals and knowing where they are at all times.

What Options Are Available With The Guardian Orb?

The orb comes with two base options. One is the Guardian Home which you easily plug into your home router providing a 5-10 mile range. The second is great for anyone who travels which is the Guardian Go. This unit is portable with 16 hours of battery life, also providing a 5-10 mile range.  Each base unit works together creating a mesh of networks in one, which makes keeping track of your pet easier and worry-free.  

I’ve used many different tracking devices for Harley. None that I know would work as well as the Guardian Orb. One because of it’s long-range connectivity, the highest of any tracker out there, which is something you need for that runner, ball chaser or animal on the go.

Two, the ability to track my pet in real time using three different tracking methods. And one of the best perks of the Guardian Orb is that it’s completely waterproof so you never have to worry about your animal love to swim. Now that’s a product that only thinks about its consumers but cares enough about them to know what they need!

Would you use a pet tracker to keep tabs on your pet from wherever you are?

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