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TELUS Optik TV Adds Netflix To It’s Channel Line-up

If you are like me you are a Netflix subscriber, and in being a subscriber you know you need a streaming device in order to watch movies, tv shows and the wide variety of entertainment Netflix has to offer. Well, not anymore. Telus Optik TV has added Netflix to its channel line-up for customers. Streaming just got a whole lot easier.

“Nearly half of Telus Optik TV customers are also Netflix subscribers,” Blair Miller, Vice-President of Content stated, adding. “This is another new addition to demonstrating Telus’s commitment to making our customers entertainment experience better and simpler.”

I couldn’t agree more. I was super surprised when I scrolled through my channel line-up and saw Netflix. I also saw their rival Shomi. So Telus isn’t leaving anyone out of the mix which is fantastic! I have a Smart TV downstairs so streaming is simple. Upstairs is another story. We often move the XBox around from room to room so we can watch Netflix because a streaming device is needed. I love that now I can watch Netflix on my older television without needing an added device to enjoy the service. 

Launching Netflix on Telus Optik TV is Simple:

  • Pressing the apps/interactive button on your remote control and selecting Netflix, or
  • Tuning to channel 422 and pressing OK to launch

I sat and watched a movie last night from bed and I was really impressed. I watched the movie without any interruptions or buffering. So no more moving the Xbox around, it can stay in my son’s room. My other son who has no video games can also enjoy this service.

If you have Netflix and are a subscriber but don’t have a streaming device or separate hardware, this makes it a whole lot easier for Optik TV Subscribers, especially seniors like my parents who have never bothered with Netflix because they didn’t want to have another device with wires cluttering up their living room. 

How do you find Netflix on Telus? Share with us Below!


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