Our Film Shoot With Telus Optik Local at Stave Falls Visitor Center #telustv

Yesterday our family had such an amazing time at the Stave Falls visitor center filming with Telus Optik Local. Trace loved filming with Mark the cameraman and Melinda the director and producer for the show that highlights incredible adventures for families. Although Trace didn’t want to go at first and though visiting Stave Falls to learn about electricity would be boring. The moment we got there, he changed his mind. 

Trace and our guide Janice. Trace thought it was cool he got to wear a microphone during filming.

When we got the visitor center, we met our guide Janis, and she immediately took Trace by the helm and taught him many things about how the hydro plant first began generating electricity. The plant itself is over 100 years old which is incredible when you think about it. 

Grabbing the right shot is important when filming.

Melinda the producer and director for the show and her cameraman Mark were fantastic. Here they are setting up a floor shot to get us walking as we discover each generator. There are five generators in total, then a new one was built before the plant was shut down.

Trace and cameraman Mark Telus TV

Trace had a great time with Mark, watching him work the camera. Mark was super great with Trace, very patient working with a nine year old who had to do take after take. It was kinda cool though, learning as they got the most natural shot. Basically, all Trace had to do was explore and learn which we were there to do anyhow.

There is so much to see and do at Stave Falls visitor center. While we were there, two schools were visiting. The gift shop has an array of fun scientific toys and games that are priced reasonable. There is a nine minute movie we watched that was fantastic teaching us all about how electricity works, how it was first discovered and how the dam first began providing electricity for the lower mainland. 

Setting up a shot. Trace had so much fun lighting up the bulbs. He wanted to do it again agan and again. Final shot outside before we we headed for a walk and said goodbye to the falls.

TELUS Optik™ Local brings you exciting, original, community television programming created for you and by you – available on Optik TV Demand, and now online. Check out what’s happening in your city , share a story idea or submit a show proposal and get involved.

Local programming is huge and important. Telus encourages you to get involved by sharing your stories. You can share them HERE and let your community support what you are doing. They also showcase their programming on Youtube. 

We want to thank Telus for treating and educating our family to the wonderful world of Stave Falls Visitor Center. I hope other families will check out this amazing place. It’s not costly and a great place to take the kids for the afternoon to have some learning FUN!

Stay tuned for the show. We will be sharing it here as soon as it’s live on Telus Optik Local Facebook Page. Thanks for reading!

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