Take Advantage of Leap Year Do Something Special

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We often complain there aren’t enough hours in the day. The Leap Year only happens once every four years. It’s like this little (extra day) that is hidden on our calendar. But do we really take advantage of it? This year my family and I are going to treat the Leap year as a holiday of sorts by doing something fun! 

Your Challenge! Take Advantage of the Extra Day!


This year we are challenging you as a family to take advantage of 2016’s Leap Year by using the extra day to do something fun together. Go out and see a movie, embrace the great outdoors, or simply kick back and enjoy some arts & crafts. No matter what you choose to do. Remember this day is special!


Here’s a List of Some Fun Family Activities You Can Explore

  • Go Skiing at your local mountain
  • Build a snowman together (it’s still winter time!)
  • Go for a walk in the park or a brisk bike ride
  • Head to a local museum, gallery or science fair
  • Picnic in your house with blankets, popcorn and a movie
  • Visit friends & family you haven’t seen in a while
  • Visit some cool local shops, thrift stores and vintage boutiques
  • Play soccer outside with the kids
  • Go rollerblading
  • Sing together using instruments
  • Go out to a local restaurant you’ve never been to before
  • Put away those cellphones and grab a board game for family night
  • Fly a kite at the park if the wind is just right
  • Grab some canvasses at the dollar store and have an Art War
  • Do up some crafts together
  • Baking is always fun especially when you’re making a dessert!
  • Play hide and seek in the house
  • Built a fort with some blankets
  • Cook dinner together
  • Go swimming at your local pool
  • Take an adventurous hike where you’ve never been before
  • Visit a local farm with some animals 



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Finding time for one another isn’t easy. Trying something new can be different but also exciting. For our family it helps create a bond where cellphones and social networking doesn’t exist. Only family time and togetherness. Plus, getting outside helps to improve our health! 

Let us know what you’re doing for the Leap Year Challenge. Share your responses below with us and remember — have fun!